Where Do I Have To Wear A Face Mask While On Vacation In Belize?

by Caribbean Lifestyle Editorial Team

While Belize’s close proximity to North America makes it a poised destination to visit as travel reopens, the country continues to enforce measures against the spread of COVID-19. And yes, that includes the mandatory use of face masks in Belize. With tourism being a primary market, Belize aims to communicate to all guests that want to come and have fun—you also need to be as safe as possible. For those looking to spend future holiday time in Belize for fresh air and sunshine, be sure to pack a face mask alongside your flip-flops. After all, ensuring safe, responsible behavior is a shared responsibility between visitors, residents, business owners and employees. For those who do travel—to rediscover Belize’s bounty of cultural and natural heritage—please do so safely. And from the moment you arrive in Belize, that includes wearing a face mask.

Who needs to wear a face mask in Belize?

Two thumbs up from this National Park ranger for properly wearing a face mask! Photo by APAMO Belize

According to current regulations, every person shall at all times and in any place—whether public or private—wear a face mask or other face (nose and mouth) covering. That includes both employees and customers. However, children under the age of six years old do not need to wear a face mask or face covering. Legally, businesses must refuse entry to those without a face mask. That also includes public transportation, for the entire duration of your travel. Additionally, if you are not wearing a face mask or covering, you may be subjected to refusal of service.

Where can I go mask-less in Belize?

snorkel in belize

You won’t need to wear a face mask in Belize if you are:

  • At a private residence
  • Exercising or during a sporting activity such as running, jogging, tennis, cycling (single file only), etc.
  • Swimming; persons of the same group are not required to practice social distancing
  • Driving alone or driving with members of the same household in your private vehicle
  • Open air restaurants for dining once seated, which are limited to 50% capacity

While Belize implements a new Statutory Instrument, which sees the reopening of places of worship and takeout-only for indoor dining, the country continues to enforce social distancing and face masks. All these layers are additional measures of protection, especially with Belize reporting 5,743 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of November 30, 2020. It should also be noted that social distancing in Belize is observed as 6 feet apart. The new measures will be in effect for three weeks from Saturday until December 19. While visiting, be sure to roam responsibly by taking our Safe Travel Pledge here!

Belize’s current Statutory Instrument came into effect on November 28, 2020 for the next 21 days to curb the spread of COVID-19. Header photo by Splash Dive Center

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