Why Make Victoria House Resort & Spa In Ambergris Caye, Belize Your Top 2023 Vacation Pick

by Larry Waight

There’s no denying it: The post COVID travel world has seen its share of issues. Delayed and cancelled flights. Safety concerns. Rising prices. If you’ve been keeping tabs on headlines, you might feel like it’s impossible to enjoy a getaway offering the relaxation and sheer pleasure you were once guaranteed “in the good old days.”

To counter their exposure to negative travel news, some couples are turning to quirky methods to make decisions about their destination choices. How are these offbeat travelers coming up with their plans? By throwing darts at maps, launching social media polls to see which places get the most votes, drawing slips of paper from a hat, and even rolling dice. We don’t know about you, but this seems a little extreme!

To make things simple, we’ve got one suggestion for you: consider Belize. In this small but diverse Caribbean country, just a short plane ride away, there are no language barriers and the exchange rate is a simple 2 to 1.  Wondering where to go when you arrive in-country? At Victoria House Resort and Spa, enjoying your dream 2023 vacation experience is effortless.

Photo by Victoria House Resort & Spa

5 Reasons to Justify Your Victoria House Resort & Spa Getaway

1. Your stay at Victoria House grants you access to Belize’s largest island, Ambergris Caye. Located 2 miles south of the vibrant San Pedro Town. the resorts pervading tranquility is a dramatic contrast to the hustle and bustle of  town.

2. At this charming resort named after Queen Victoria herself, you’ll enjoy hospitality fit for royalty, courtesy of Belize all-inclusive packages that offer customized experiences.

Image by Duarte Dellarole

3. The fairy tale romance of Queen Victoria and her soulmate Albert is easily replicated by couples staying at Victoria House Resort & Spa. Secluded areas dot the property, affording couples the ultimate privacy amid lush surroundings. Want to socialize with other guests? Admiral Nelson’s Bar has two bar stools with your names on them whenever you want to hang out.

4. If you have a penchant for culinary adventures, there are plenty of eateries and bars waiting to spice things up on Ambergris Caye. But at Victoria House culinary excellence is served with a flourish. From the freshest seafood to diverse beverage selections, everything you could ever care to taste awaits.

5. Spa services offered by seasoned experts are diverse and not to mention relaxing. When staff says they’re full-service, they mean it. The moment you put yourself into the hands of these miracle workers, you’ll remember why you needed this getaway so badly!

The best part though, is that Victoria House Resort & Spa affords guests the royal treatment without requiring a royal fortune. Take advantage of a number of deals and special offers that will make your vacation dreams all the more attainable.

Having left your stressors back home and in your rearview mirror, you’ll find a world of normalcy, tranquility, and wellness awaiting your arrival. Expect to be spoiled throughout your stay.

Find bliss. Find yourself. If you can’t picture yourself in place of the delightful couple in the video below, perhaps throwing darts to determine your vacation destination may suit you after all!

Photos courtesy of Victoria House Resort & Spa 

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