Just Breathe: These Calm-Inducing Belize Getaways Will Leave You Feeling Relaxed

by Khaila Gentle
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Just Breathe. It’s a simple command. But in a fast-paced society that values being on the go more than anything else, it can come as a challenge to many of us. These days, moments where we are able to simply breathe and do nothing are some of the most valuable experiences we can have. More and more, world weary wanderlusters are looking for ways to enjoy a “do nothing” vacation: a trip that will reset the mind and rejuvenate the body. Sound like you? Then here are some ways you can induce calm while on vacation in Belize.

Let the Sound of Waterfalls Soothe You at Gaia Riverlodge

You find yourself awakened at dawn by the sound of roaring water. That same sound had lulled you to sleep the night before. You walk over to your window and pull the blinds open only to be greeted by a sight that reminds you why Gaia Riverlodge has such a fitting name. Towering pine forests covered in a thin layer of fog surround you. And down below, the cascading streams of the Five Sisters Waterfall is a sight to behold.

Tucked away inside the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Gaia Riverlodge sits perched over one of Belize’s most picturesque waterfalls. A forty minute drive outside of San Ignacio town, this luxe eco resort feels like it is worlds away.

Spend your days taking dips in the river below. Or, sit on the deck of Five Sisters Restaurant up above and watch as the sun descends behind the mountains. When you’re done, enjoy a delectable dinner underneath ambient lighting and then take a moment to admire the stars, unimpeded by light pollution, before doing it all over again.

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Recharge On A Private Island Paradise

Ray Caye, Belize. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

Thanks to scores of Hollywood filmmakers, the word “island vacation” usually conjures up images of a dreamy, tropical escape. And in Belize, we’re happy to report that that fantasy reigns true. Enter Ray Caye Island Resort:  a private island paradise that was designed with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind.

Get to live out your own idea of what a private island vacation is like, on your own terms, when you stay at Ray Caye. Beyond panoramic views of the open ocean, incomparable culinary delights courtesy Lionfish Bar and Grill, and lush accommodations, Ray Caye promises endless peace and quiet.

Soak up the salt and sun as much as you can. And, allow yourself to have some fun, far removed from the pressures of daily life. (Sidenote: the giant overwater slide is a crowd favorite).

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Fully Immerse Yourself In Nature At Chan Chich Lodge

The sound of silence is set to be among one of the top travel trends this year and beyond, says Conde Nast Traveller. Late last year, the world-famous travel publication released their predictions for the biggest travel trends of 2023.  They included in that article the observation that places offering natural quiet are sought after now more than ever.


Three years after “lockdown” became a word used outside the prison system for the first time, there’s not too much we miss about that period – but, well, it was blissfully quiet, wasn’t it? We could hear birdsong rather than traffic, the wind in the willows rather than planes overhead. With human-generated sound falling by up to eight decibels, it was the longest period of quiet in recorded history.


At Chan Chich Lodge, in the forests of northwestern Belize, the silence in palpable, though in a good way. Spend your days immersed in the healing greenery of mother nature. At this Belize eco-lodge, the only sounds that stir are those of the occasional howler monkey or an ocellated turkey. Practice your asanas on the overwater deck at Laguna Verde, or meander leisurely across Laguna Seca. Here, a calm Belize vacation is more than just possible.

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Prioritize Your Health and Wellness At Victoria House Resort & Spa

Photo by Victoria House Resort & Spa

Already, 2023 has been hailed as the “year of wellness”. One resort that has taken note of this is Victoria House Resort & Spa. Earlier this year, the award-winning San Pedro resort unveiled their “New Year, New You” wellness program. Dedicated to helping guests pursue healthier, more balanced lifestyles, the program features everything from targeted bodywork sessions and customized spa treatments to healthy cuisine and activities that place guests in harmony with their surroundings.

Even long before the launch of this new program though, Victoria House has been hailed as a tranquil and idyllic locale in Belize. Sitting on the beachfront on the southern end of Ambergris Caye, it lies far removed from the typical hustle and bustle of Belize’s largest island.

One of Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle’s top picks for places to visit in Belize in 2023, Victoria House Resort & Spa is where comfort and luxry combine to make the perfect calming vacation.

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Indulge Your Senses With A Food Tour

belize food tours tacos orange walk

Tacos, anyone? Photo by Belize Food Tours

The healing power of food can often be under-appreciated. But the epicurean knows differently. Indulge your inner foodie and stimulate your senses with a Belize food tour.


The taste, smell, and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating food itself but also of place and setting. Food is an effective trigger of deeper memories of feelings and emotions, internal states of the mind and body

-Harvard Press


With its diverse population, Belize has an eclectic culinary scene – one that’s sure to entice any food lover. From the Mestizo-derived corn based dishes in the north, to hearty soups and stews down south, there’s something for every palate here.

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Enjoy A Calm Vacation in Belize As A Group

A day offshore: what’s not to love? Image courtesy Casa Al Mar

Wide open turquoise waters before you, and the clear blue sky above: there’s nothing quite as calming. Quite literally, in fact. Several studies have found that the color blue can soothe the mind. At Casa al Mar on Saint George’s Caye, you and the entire family can benefit from healing shades of blue.

Its easy to get so caught up in the demands of day-to-day life that we end up not seeing those we love as often as we’d wish. Reconnect with the people that matter most to you with a calming group vacation.


This vacation rental that’s perfect for an extended stay sits surrounded by crystal clear waters. With a total of 6 bedrooms spread across 3 floors, the property has plenty of space and privacy for individuals in a travel group to unwind however they please.

Casa al Mar can accomodate up to 16 people. Kayak, swim, snorkel, play some games, or simply do nothing. Plus, get to indulge in delicious meals made by your your in-house private island Chef .

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Journey to Belize’s Forgotten South

Photo by Copal Tree Lodge

Enjoy experiencing Belize the way it was before the tourism boom: uncrowded and unhurried. The Toledo district is often referred to as the forgotten district. But for someone in search of some respite from the daily grind, that title translates to pure bliss. Toledo is dotted by off-the-beaten track escapes like crowd-free maya temples and hidden away caves.

If you’re searching for an experience that’s as luxurious as it is tranquil, then seek out Copal Tree Lodge. Seventeen minutes outside of Punta Gorda Town, this Belize jungle lodge is the embodiment of lavish, luxurious living. Described by Travel + Leisure as one of the most beautiful jungle hotels around the world, it sits surrounded by thousands of acres of lush jungle . It offers total seclusion and then some, complete with full immersion in nature.

copal tree lodge jungle bath belize

Redefining an ‘outdoor shower’ at Copal Tree Lodge.

Gaze out at the emerald expanse from the comfort of your suite above the forest canopy. Kayak down the Rio Grande river to recconect with nature (and yourself). Or, relax and unwind at the Jungle Spa. Regardless of how you choose to press pause, you’re bound to leave Belize feeling completely renewed.

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Featured Photo courtesy of Itz’ana Resort & Residences

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