How To Day-Trip To San Pedro Town For Under $75

by Dion Vansen

Thinking of a quick jaunt to Belize’s top tourism destination Ambergris Caye without breaking the bank? With so much to do and see in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, there is something for every pocket on a day trip with the promise of a paradise when taking a break from mainland Belize. Get ready to conquer the island spending less than BZ$75, enjoying its beaches, and having at least one meal at any seafront restaurants. Are you ready? Here we go! 


Firstly, it should be noted this budget excludes the transportation fee from Belize City. Pick the most convenient mode of transport for you to San Pedro for a day trip, but the most economical way is via water taxi. Usually, the first run of the water taxi from Belize City is 8 am and costs BZ$57 roundtrip; your journey is an average of two hours one-way. When you arrive in San Pedro Town, first things first: grab a quick and free photo from in front of the San Pedro sign. Afterward, it’s time to get a bite, drink, and explore for under BZ$75.  

Grab a quick bite 


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Downtown, you will find several options for a snack. You can opt for a pair of meat pies for BZ$1.50 each and grab a cup of coffee or orange juice for BZ$5 from a nearby coffee shop. If the day is bright, make sure to bring adequate clothing for the heat; a cap or hat will be your friend throughout the day.

Explore the island by bicycle, or walk


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The town is quite spread out and although you can get a cab to go anywhere, renting a bicycle for a day for BZ$18 from any of the golf cart rentals will save you time and money. Rather spend that $18 elsewhere? Walking is a great, immersive way to go sightseeing, too. Hydration is important while staying active, so grab a large bottle of water for BZ$2.50 and head to the lagoon side to cruise by the well-known Embarcadero area. Here, fishermen bring in their morning catch, and you can take some time to marvel at the endangered and majestic Tarpon, a catch-and-release-only sportfish. Continue your venture up north to explore mangroves, and visit the Eco Iguana Corner Foundation. You will not only learn about these important trees but interact with Green and Black iguanas as well.  

Beach time 

Continue heading north riding toward the Boca del Rio beach park area. This is part of a very popular beach strip dotted with several beach bars and restaurants. Spend some time at the beach bar park, take a swim if you feel too hot, and nibble on some fruits from the nearby fruit shop for just BZ$6. Sunbathe, breathe deeply, and relax. On this beach, you will get to meet islanders with whom you can have friendly conversations, too. 

Afternoon lunch 

There are several options to pick from when by the beach. You can either have a full lunch in an over-the-water restaurant, like Palapa Bar & Grill, or one in front of the beach, like Lily’s Treasure Chest. If you’re up for some seafood, the tropical ceviche is always on the menu, and eating seasonally will not only be sustainable, but cost-effective. Other pocket-friendly choices include Belize’s famous rice and beans from a street-side vendor; tacos are another cheap but filling street food option. A refreshing natural juice or beer can also accompany your lunch while enjoying the stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Lunch with drinks (for this purpose, we’re pricing 2 beers) averages around BZ$30 per person. 

Dessert for the trek home


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Jump on your bicycle and ride down the beach heading back south to downtown. Make a quick stop at one of the many ice cream shops and indulge yourself with a scoop of sweetness. One scoop from one of the local parlors will go for BZ$6. Your total expenses, according to this itinerary, have just been BZ$66. Staying under BZ$75? Yes, it can be done! 


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After a day of good sights and bites, it is time to return the bicycle and head to the water taxi boarding area. Kiss the island goodbye but do remember that there is a lot more to see and do, and that means that a repeat visit is a must! Staying on a budget of under BZ$75 this round means it won’t be long until your next day trip to San Pedro. 

Header image courtesy ROEming Belize.
Editor's Note: This article was first shared on May 8, 2022

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