Why Mexico Rocks Is A Snorkel Favorite from San Pedro Town

by Dion Vansen

The east coast of Ambergris Caye is blessed with heavenly snorkeling and diving sites that attract thousands of visitors every year, considering the island is Belize’s most visited destination in the country. With the Hol Chan Marine Reserve to the south, there is another stunning area heading north filled with spectacular marine life and coral reefs. This is the unmistakable Mexico Rocks, a favorite place for snorkelers and divers just learning to dive. Undoubtedly, it’s an attraction in Belize to explore: here’s what to know about making the San Pedro snorkel favorite, Mexico Rocks. 

How to get there. 

Snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef. Image by Sunbreeze Hotel/Duarte Dellarole

The site is very popular, therefore the majority of tour companies on Ambergris Caye offer daily tours either in the morning or afternoon. And interestingly, tours leave either by sailboat or speedboat; you’ll be picked up from your hotel or any public dock on the island. Although scenic, it only takes about 15 minutes to Mexico Rocks from San Pedro Town, and a tour typically lasts about three hours.

Average prices start at US$45 with a US$10 entrance fee to the marine reserve. Some day trips in bigger vessels offer different packages which come with a higher price; water and refreshments are included. 

What to expect on the tour. 


Mexico Rocks. Image via Pro Dive Center, Belize

On the tour, there’s more than one section to explore. The first stop at Mexico Rocks to snorkel or dive is about 45 minutes before heading to stop number two, commonly known as Tres Cocos. You’ll spend another 45 minutes alongside an abundance of healthy marine life like starfish, lobsters, eels, turtles, spotted eagle rays, and reef fish. This range of rock formation spans 10 to 12 feet off Ambergris Caye’s north coast and is filled with elkhorn and staghorn corals. Notably, these two species are very important to the Belize Barrier Reef System (BBRRS), given elkhorn is considered a reef-building coral in the Caribbean

What to bring. 

Heading out for a day on the water. Image by Sunbreeze Hotel/Duarte Dellarole

Don’t forget your change of clothes if you are just snorkeling, although a swimsuit is ideal with a rash guard highly recommended for maximum sun protection too. If you opt for sunscreen instead, make sure to use an environmentally-friendly one. And because you’re guaranteed marine life, bring your underwater camera to capture those memories of a lifetime. The tour is available year-round unless the weather is bad. On marine tours, the maximum capacity is 8 guests. 

It should be noted that since 2015, Mexico Rocks has been part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. This beautiful protected area now forms part of Hol Chan’s Zone G, designated as a General Use Area for snorkeling and diving. Ready to jump in and experience why Mexico Rocks is a snorkel favorite from San Pedro Town? Discover it for yourself with a local operator. Ambergris Caye Divers lies right next to SunBreeze Hotel as an affiliated PADI Dive Center, with snorkeling trips daily. 

Header image via Sunbreeze Hotel/Duarte Dellarole.

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