Why Winter is A Great Time to Visit Ambergris Caye, Belize 

by Larry Waight

Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize. The island is half a mile from the popular Barrier Reef and it’s a top destination for snorkelers and scuba divers. Ambergris Caye offers a wide range of water-oriented activities such as sailing, windsurfing, fishing, and jet-skiing. Tourists also have the choice of a nature walk, cycling, bird watching, or visiting ancient Maya Ruins.  

Visiting Ambergris Caye in Winter 

Ambergris Caye is one of the best islands to visit across the world and there are plenty of reasons why. The best time to visit this island is from December to April, which is Belize’s dry season. During this period, you expect more sunny days, clear blue skies, and cooler nights. Generally, winter is cooler than summer and this makes Ambergris Caye an excellent winter getaway destination.  

Top Winter Activities in Ambergris Caye 

Winter is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities, thanks to the favorable temperatures and warmer waters. Depending on what you fancy, you can spend your time relaxing on the beach or snorkeling or touring the island. Here are the top things you should do while in Ambergris Caye: 

Exploring the Caribbean Sea 

Some of the world’s wonders are the beautiful oceans. Since Ambergris is located in the Caribbean Sea, it offers incredible water adventures. For starters, the underwater world is beautifully filled with thousands of marine life such as docile sharks, fish and coral reefs. You can choose to enjoy watching the marine life or participate in more physical activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, or kayaking.  

Relaxing on the Beach 

Nothing beats dressing in a t-shirt and shorts, or a light dress and spending time on the beach. Imagine this attire, coupled with a beach beverage. Probably you just want to relax or watch other people participate in water activities. A major part of the island is undeveloped, consisting of lagoons, swamps, and mangroves, so you can take a walk by the beach as you enjoy such sites.  

Visiting San Pedro 

Ambergris is home to San Pedro Town, one of the island’s biggest settlements. The town’s main attractions include local restaurants, lively bars, gift shops, art galleries, and the Ambergris Museum. Several fiestas are also held in this town yearly, the biggest one being the Costa Maya Festival. This is a six-day event that celebrates the Maya heritage with music and different cultural festivities.  

Where to Stay in Ambergris Caye 

If you’re visiting Ambergris Caye, you should get accommodation in a trendy resort. Sunset Caribe, a luxury resort located on the tranquil bayside of San Pedro boasts amazing views of the Island. The resort offers modern tropical elegance, condos style units including lofts and spacious 3 bedrooms. While staying here, you’ll have access to 2 restaurants, Spa & Salon services, Beach Basket grocery store and so much more. The resort’s convenient location will also allow you to visit any part of Ambergris Caye. So, expect to have fun while staying at Sunset Caribe 

How to Get to Sunset Caribe 


Image courtesy Duarte Dellarole/Sunset Caribe

There are several ways of getting to the resort. The first one is via airplane. All flights get to Belize at the Philip Goldson International Airport. Once you’ve landed, get a connecting flight to Ambergris on Tropic Air or Maya Island Air. To make your journey easier, Sunset Caribe arranges concierge service, so a Maya Island Air representative meets you once you’ve landed.

The other way of getting here is by Astrum Helicopters. You can choose a direct route to Sunset Caribe, and for an extra amount, add a tour of the Belize Barrier Reef before landing. If you prefer traveling by water, you have to option of taking a boat since there are several public water taxi trips from Belize City. The trip will take about 1 and a half hour.  

In Summary 

Regardless of the season, Ambergris Caye is full of charm, with a lot to be explored, but you’ll want to visit during one of the winter months. You’ll enjoy all the activities mentioned in this guide and so much more. While visiting Ambergris Caye, remember to book your accommodation at Sunset Caribe for the best sunsets and island activities with family and friends. 

All Images Courtesy Grand Caribe / Sunset Caribe

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