Belize’s Latest Art Exhibit with Yaoling Lee

by McNab Editorial Team
Belizean art

Belize’s art pulse beats strong, with new artists emerging constantly. Within, Belizean resident Yaoling Lee premieres her newest art exhibit at the historic Museum of Belize with “The River of Art Flows Everywhere”. The Taiwanese-Belizean artist exhibits 63 art pieces of f Oil Paintings, Watercolour, Plein Air, and Charcoal.   

Using Belizean men and women as her inspiration, each painting has a breezy quality based on the impressionist technique used.  Each portrait piece is intrinsically created using charcoal and pencil to accentuate the facial features of the subject.  The details become more prominent when you realize that the Oil paint portraits are an extension of the Charcoal artworks.  Combing dark hues such as grey, purple, and green, creates a dream-like atmosphere when looking at the facial features in these exhibits.  Dark eyes are brightened with an every so lightly dash of colour, and the rough brush strokes suggest strong moments of inspired impulse within each artworkThe beauty of each painting lies in their positioning.  The bodies are contorted to such a way that you feel compelled to bend with the artwork and find your space within.   

art painting 

The paintings of each hand and feet are designed with such frailty, that you’re able to sense the small gestures based on the way Yaoling constructs her scene.  

In conjunction with the art exhibition, Yaoling has also been conducting much-needed art workshops for students and adults.  Schools were given the option of choosing between Portrait, Motion Drawing, or Watercolour.  Classes were held inside the museum, where students were given a tour of the exhibit.  After the tour and explaining the idea and concept behind the artworks, the students were given the workshop.  Participants are treated to a view of a fast-paced dancer moving to the rhythm of a drummer during their Motion Drawing Class.  For the past month, the museum was filled with over 20 easels each displaying the work done by those who participated.  The exhibit ends on Nov 29th.  But don’t worry, hop on Maya Flight to Orange Walk next month and you’ll sure to catch her next show!   

Written by Ilonna Smiling

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