Zodiac Travel: Here are Some Top Places to Travel in Belize for Aries Season.

by Andrea Murray
Victoria Peak Trail

March and April are the months of spring. The days are finally getting longer again, nature is waking up and the gentle rise in temperatures is good for the soul. Aries, our zodiac sign in the period from March 21st to April 20th,  are dynamic people and full of energy. They want to move around a lot and experience variety on vacation. The fiery Aries loves fancy hotels, enjoys a break from the day’s experiences in the wellness area, and then enjoys the nightlife when well-rested. A mix of everything is best as they tend to get bored easily. So, whether it’s thrilling adventures, fun nightlife, or just relaxation with beautiful sunsets, here are some of the best places to visit in Belize this Aries Season! 

Summiting Victoria Peak in Belize

Victoria Peak natural monument

On the summit of Victoria Peak. Photo courtesy @BelizeMyTravels

Aries can be known for being restless, always anticipating the next activity. So, make sure to have variety in your itinerary. To kickstart and satisfy your restless soul, embarking on a truly thrilling adventure is a must. Consider summiting Victoria Peak located in the Stann Creek District. It’s a feat sure to be bucket-list-worthy for those Aries fitness warriors. This hike will challenge your mind, body, and soul but at the end you will be so proud of yourself for the accomplishment.

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The trip typically takes approximately two days of hiking to reach the summit of Victoria Peak and another two days to return to the base camp. With nature, wildlife, and plenty of unique experiences along the way, boredom will be the least of your concerns. You’ll undoubtedly create lasting memories and expend all that pent-up energy within yourself. In the night, after your long hiking adventure unwind around the campfire with friends, reflecting on your inner and outer strength and how far you’ve come. 

Outdoor Adventures, and Nightlife in San Pedro

Cheers to Belize. Image via Elvi’s Kitchen

The beauty of San Pedro lies in its array of attractions and activities. Your energetic Aries soul will be so thrilled to explore something different every day. There’s so much to explore in this little gem. Add to your bucket list water sports adventures like diving, snorkeling, parasailing, and swimming with nurse sharks at the famous Shark Ray Alley.

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Trusted tour operators like Amigos del Mar and Ambergris Divers ensure your experience is nothing but unforgettable. After so much fun in the sun, relax and enjoy the beautiful breathtaking sunset of San Pedro.  For those Aries looking to unleash their inner party animal, you are in the right spot. Explore the Palapa Bar or Sandy Toes Bar and Grill for bar-hopping adventures. Or, indulge in the vibrant nightlife scene of reputable clubs like Sunset Lounge or Allure nightclub. 

Belize offers an exhilarating playground for Aries travelers seeking excitement, adventure, and variety during their season. Whether summiting the famous Victoria Peak or diving into the vibrant culture and nightlife of San Pedro, there’s no shortage of experiences to ignite the fiery spirit of the ram. With each adventure, Aries souls can embrace the thrill of the unknown, pushing their boundaries and creating lasting memories along the way. So, as you embark on your Belizean escape, remember to embrace the dynamism of your Aries nature, revel in the diversity of experiences, and let the journey unfold with boundless energy and enthusiasm. After all, in the realm of travel, the possibilities are as endless as the stars in the Aries sky.

Featured photo by Carolee Chanona

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