Stay Where You Play: Experience Belize’s Wild Side With The Biltmore Plaza Hotel

by Larry Waight

For parents who value exposing their children to wildlife in their natural habitats, Belize offers unparalleled opportunities. Here, travelers of all ages and from all over get to witness an astonishing diversity of animals amidst breathtaking landscapes. From colorful birds to elusive jungle cats, there’s much to be seen.

Beyond the animals, both kids and kids at heart delight in the chance to take a trip back in time. Travelers can also delve into the ancient mysteries of the Maya civilization, through preserved sites and ceremonial caves, and connect with long-held traditions through visits to modern Maya communities.

With short, manageable plane rides, Belize is an accessible destination for even the most energetic young travelers. From its welcoming climate to an abundance of sights and sounds, Belize promises an unforgettable escape for the whole family.  This year, embark on an adventure like no other with the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza as your base camp for exploration in Belize.

Get Up Close and Personal With Belize’s Wildlife

Visiting the Community Baboon Sanctuary. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

Take a trip to the “best little zoo in the world”. Established as a “different kind of” zoo in 1983, The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center (TBZTEC) is the oldest wildlife rescue and rehab facility in Belize, so visitors find themselves surrounded by habitats rather than communities of cages. A home to more than 43 native species of wildlife, this zoo is a favorite stop for visitors eager to see Belize’s diverse flora and fauna.

The Belize Zoo. Photo by Duarte Dellarole.

For even closer encounters with nature, head to the village of Bermudian Landing in the Belize District. The Community Baboon Sanctuary was established in 1985, and it is home to black howler monkeys, primates so boisterous, that you can hear them from three miles away!

If you’re hoping to travel back in time, be sure to pay a visit to one of Belize’s many archaeological sites. Just a few minutes outside of the city lies the small but mighty Altun Ha. For a truly wild experience, venture a bit further to the Orange Walk District and conquer new heights at Lamanai.

Embrace New Experiences With This Belize City Hotel 

Photo by Duarte Dellarole for the Belize Biltmore Plaza

Are you ever too old to embrace new experiences? The resounding answer is no, especially when those adventures are shared with your children, creating memories that will last a lifetime. But where you stay can make all the difference in crafting the perfect family holiday. In the heart of the Belize District, look no further than the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza, your gateway to Belize’s wildlife, and its historic wonders, too.

Opt for a two-day/three-night stay, and enjoy choosing from a diverse selection of tours perfect for embracing your inner explorer. Whether you’re intrigued by wildlife encounters or captivated by archaeological marvels, there’s something for every member of the family. Customize your itinerary to suit your interests, schedule, and physical capabilities, ensuring an adventure that’s as unique as your family.

When you’re not exploring the wonders of Belize, let the Biltmore be your cozy retreat. Unwind in their fitness center, take a refreshing dip in the outdoor swimming pool, or simply bask in the Belizean sun while dining at the Biltmore Bistro. Whether you’re marveling at ancient ruins or communing with exotic wildlife, every moment in Belize promises discovery and delight.

Featured: Taking photos atop Lamanai. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

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