1 Year Post-Pandemic: Travel Weekly Experts Weigh in on Caribbean Travel

by Vivian Roe

It was approximately one year ago that the first case of COVID-19 in Caribbean was reported. Found on the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic, the case was inadvertently brought into the country by a traveler from Italy. He was hospitalized and treated, and he eventually recovered and returned to Italy. Following, cases spiralled throughout many Caribbean islands. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know how the rest of the year panned out. Now, at a year in, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccination schemes are being rolled out and Caribbean countries are carefully and cleverly welcoming international travellers again. This Travel Weekly article speaks to industry experts on the future of Caribbean travel and their insights are positive. Here are their three main predictions.

Travel Booking Trends at the Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

umaya village remote workers digital nomad

Remote workers are traveling on a whim to Belize. Photo courtesy UMAYA Village

Travel experts are predicting Q4 to be the strongest for 2021 and an even stronger 2022. While traditionally, travel hasn’t been booked this far out, they are already seeing a surge in bookings for this travel period. On the other end of the spectrum, there has been a rise in travelers taking advantage of last-minute travel offers. Tempting offers, quieter destinations and the need to just escape lockdown are all thought to be contributing factors to this last- minute trend. Guests are booking in smaller travel windows, less than one month in advance.

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Leisure and Luxury Will Lead

luxury villa Matachica Resort belize

The Luxury Villa at Matachica Resort.

The Travel Weekly experts predict the luxury segment will lead the recovery, particularly among older travelers who have been vaccinated. Also, they have money to spend and are sitting on vacation refunds or vouchers from travel plans interrupted in 2020. Moreover, leisure will come back before business travel. Understandably, people are eager to get out and just have some fun. On the other hand, businesses need to redefine their protocols before reigniting business travel. Not to mention, many have adapted to the digital way of work now.

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Multigenerational Travel Will Make a Comeback

family travel sunbreeze

Sunbreeze Hotel is a family-friendly resort on Ambergris Caye.

Finally, the experts predict there will be a resurgence multigenerational and family travel. Justifiably, people are keen to spend time with loved ones, whom they have been separated from and unable to see. In response to this large private rentals, hotel takeovers and bubble travel options will be a popular option for Caribbean travellers this year and into next.

Read the full Travel Weekly article here.

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