A Day for the Kids in Belize

by McNab Editorial Team
moe's playground

The last day around the city 

After spending an incredible week with your family touring Belize, you realized you have just one more day left.  The kids are getting restless and you have no idea what to do in the city.  Well, buckle up!  Your last day is about to get busy.  With an early morning, the last city tour for you and your kids is bound to be a fun-filled.   

First, get up for breakfast.  Stop in at any of Belize’s local restaurants and get your scrambled eggs, refried beans, stew chicken, and FRY JACK!  Never forget fry jack! Check out our top local restaurants for a Belizean breakfast.  After breakfast, stop by the Museum of Belize.  With amazing exhibits on Belize’s rich history, your child is sure to leave with a wealth of knowledge.  If your child is into creepy crawlers, be sure to stop at the Insect of Belize exhibit to see the vast majority of bugs found throughout the country.  The Blue Morpho Butterfly is also on display as well as other moths and winged insects.  If insects aren’t your thing, stop by the Birds of Belize exhibit in the museum.  This taxidermy exhibit, done in partnership with the Audubon Society, features the national bird of Belize, the Keel-Billed Toucan.  

Next stop, Moe’s Pizza Pasta!  This pizza spot sits right in front of the sea.  Feel free to sit back and relax to the cool breeze, as your kids enjoy the jungle gym.  This area is equipped with fun slides, sea-saws, and safe landing ground for your climbers.  Moe’s Pizza Pasta is a safe area for your kids to play as they wait for their amazing pizza!  Our recommendation – the meat lover’s pizza – amazing flavour makes for easy eating for any picky eater! 


Looking for more playtime?  Then head on over to Nana’s Playland.  This amazing playhouse is in walking distance from the pizza house.  The playhouse has a huge ball-pit your kids will love to fall into and also a small rock climbing wall. 

However, if jumping around isn’t the best for you and your tribe, stop by FUN CITY, located inside the Ramada Hotel.  This spot is filled with different arcade games.  From car racing, to claw cranes, everyone in your family will find a game for them.  Winning games also gives you the chance to win awesome prizes.  Games in Fun City are catered towards kids and adults!  

Written by Ilona Smiling 

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