Taking an Early Look at 2024 Travel Trends – And How to Explore Them in Belize

by Khaila Gentle
From the rise of set-jetting to superior outdoor amenities, Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle takes an early look at some of the predicted travel trends for the coming year. 

What will the year 2024 bring for the world of travel? It’s anyone’s guess, but according to a recent report by Expedia, some travel trends are expected to outshine others. Plus, with more Millennials and Gen Z’s hitting the road and taking to the sky than ever before, there are plenty of new and evolved travel trends and motivations, too. Sure, there are still a couple of days left in 2023, but if you’re already thinking about New Year adventures, here’s a look at what will be influencing travel decisions in the (very) near future.

Set-Jetting Is Still Very Much Alive 

Blancaneaux Lodge, A Coppola Family Hideaway. Photo by Victor Stonem

It’s a trend that took off with the rise of destination-centric shows and films (think The White Lotus), and come 2024, travelers will still be doing plenty of set-jetting, says Expedia. Motivated by love for specific movies and TV series, travelers are more likely to book destinations where their favorite media was filmed now more than ever. In fact, about 30% of travelers surveyed by Expedia believe that TV shows and movies today are even more influential than social media.

Set Jetting in Belize: While none of his films were actually filmed there, Belize’s Blancaneaux Lodge captured the heart of director Francis Ford Coppola with the untamed, natural beauty of its surroundings right after he finished filming Apocalypse Now. 

When Outdoor Amenities Are King 

There’s plenty of outdoor space at St. George’s Caye’s Casa al Mar

From plunge pools and showers to lush gardens, travelers have been looking for creative ways to enjoy outside. According to Expedia, travelers have been filtering their VRBO searches for more “al fresco” experiences. These outdoor amenities run the gamut from simple pools to zen gardens and even barbecue pits.

Ultimate Outdoor Amenities in Belize: In Belize, you don’t have to go very far for amazing outdoor amenities. After all, nature is our backyard. At vacation rental homes like Casa Al Mar on St. George’s Caye, no amenity comes close to being on an island and just steps away from the Caribbean Sea.  This all-inclusive vacation home is available on Airbnb and VRBO, but travelers can book direct for best offers. 

TikTok-Born Travel Trends: Travel Dupes 

A dream vacation that doesn’t cost a pretty penny – that’s the main objective behind the “Travel Dupe” TikTok Trend. Destination Dupes, says Expedia’s Jeff Wisler, are “locations [that] are just as trip-worthy as their tried-and-true doppelgängers, but you’ll pay less and learn more.” Instead of Seoul, go to Taipei. Instead of Bangkok go to Pattaya. And instead of Sydney, go to Perth.

Belize, the ultimate Destination Dupe: Spend your days lounging in overwater cabanas overlooking tranquil turquoise seas. It’s not Bora Bora, and it’s not the Maldives. This is Belize – the island of Thatch Caye in southern Belize to be precise. 

Hotels That Pass The Vibe Check 

Photo Credit: The Lodge at Jaguar Reef

Gone are the days when travelers rate their hotel and resort experiences based on comfort alone. According to Expedia, the particular “vibe” of a hotel has become an increasingly important factor in bookings. That’s whether the vibe is “modern”, “vintage”, “artsy” or something else altogether.

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Beachfront Chic in Belize: From the floral garden in the restaurant bathroom (yeah, you read that right) to the two-story overwater bar, The Lodge at Jaguar Reef in Hopkins exudes beachfront chic. It’s modern, stylish, and most importantly, dreamy. And, that stands true whether you’re vacationing in one of their newly constructed, modern villas, or their cozy seafront suites.  

Travel “Just Because”

Photo by Monica Gallardo Photography for Sunset Caribe

A travel trend dubbed “Go-ccasion Travel” by Expedia, celebratory trips taken just because are on the rise. According to writer Claire Cohen, travelers are finding any excuse to travel, some more surprising than others. A first-date anniversary, a pet’s birthday, even a work-aversary are now all valid reasons to book that trip.

“New research by Vrbo* has uncovered an emerging trend for 2024…revealing that one in four people are looking for any excuse to take a trip with friends or family,” noted the Expedia report.

Featured Photo by Leonardo Melendez Photography. This article was inspired by Expedia’s Unpack ’24 Travel Trends report. Read the full report here

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