At Carmelita Gardens in Belize, It’s Summer Break All Year Round

by Khaila Gentle

Long after the reopening of schools post-lockdown, more and more American parents are still opting to homeschool their kids. And many of them, like those that have found their dream life in one green community in Belize, say they’re never turning back. More than just affording them the freedom to enjoy life outside of the rat race, communities like Carmelita Gardens are fostering a healthy and happy environment for young families. Here, it feels like it’s summer break all year round – even when class is in session.

Finding “Home” in Belize

As per one LA Times article, many parents have lost confidence in their education system’s ability to meet their kids’ needs — whether intellectual, emotional or even in terms of mental health. 

And some of those parents, realizing that they desperately need a change in their lives – beyond just their children’s education – have found themselves considering taking the leap of moving overseas. One country that continues to pop up on radars is Belize. Located in Central America, with a unique identity as a Caribbean nation, this small hidden gem that boasts both shimmering seas and verdant mountains is a choice location for settling down. 


Inside the sustainable and self-sufficient community of Carmelita Gardens, set between the rolling hills and winding green rivers of the country’s western region, parents have found that they can broaden their children’s horizons in ways that traditional schooling – and being a part of the daily grind – couldn’t. Here, hands-on learning, flexible schooling schedules, and having the time to actually enjoy childhood are the norm. 

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Carmelita Gardens: A Year-Long Summer Break

The community was founded upon the principles of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and resilience, which in a world of uncertainty, provides invaluable life lessons for current and future generations.

-Carmelita Gardens 

At Carmelita Gardens, families get to live slowly and enjoy nature’s bounty with activities like afternoons at the river and weekends at the local market being the norm. Self-sufficient and off-the-grid, Carmelita Gardens has all the makings of a healthy community that are sure to contribute to a happy life for families and a happy childhood for the kids. Nature is your playground in this family-friendly community.

But more than just green backdrops that make for awe-inspiring exploration, Carmelita Gardens offers a world of amenities that promotes healthy lifestyles for residents of all ages. Outdoor amenities include a recreational sport court (that’s great for ball games), a horseshoe pit, corn hole, and disc golf.

There are also outdoor gathering spaces fit for connecting with neighbors. Plus, there are still more amenities to come in this ever-growing intergenerational community, including a swimming pool, a community center, a playhouse, a wood shop, an auto shop, and expanded gardens and parks. 

With so much to do and see in Carmelita Gardens, the kids surely will thank you for making that big move.

All Photos courtesy of Carmelita Gardens Belize unless otherwise stated. 

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