Belize Reports No New Cases in 50 Days

As of June 3, Belize continues to report no active coronavirus cases in country. Since the last COVID-19 case was reported on April 13, Belize is now at 50 days without any new cases. Belize’s success story comes from the prompt action in sealing the country’s borders and imposing strict quarantine measures. To date, Belize’s borders remain closed for leisurely travel, though Belizean repatriation continues.

Belize’s COVID-19 Update

As of June 2, Belize has completed a total of 1,671 tests; 1,643 tests returned negative. Only 18 total cases were confirmed coronavirus positive and of that 18, none are currently active in Belize since full recoveries in May. These statistics are officially confirmed from Belize’s Ministry of Health.  A full timeline of COVID-19 in Belize can be found here. 

Belize slowly reopens for business

Now, Belize is slowly regaining some freedom with its 50-day streak of no new COVID-19 cases. Some restrictions have lifted with businesses allowed to open and domestic travel to commence. Other standard preventative measures remain mandatory with everyone required to use a face mask when in public while social distancing remains a common practice.

Travelling to Belize

Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport remains closed, with no exact date set for its reopening. Additionally, all commercial flights remain temporarily suspended since May. During a virtual press conference on May 29, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport, will only reopen as per the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s recommendation of COVID-19 testing requirements. 

Stay updated

To get the most recent information regarding travel to Belize, contact the Belize Ministry of Health. You can also check the Ministry of Health Belize’s Facebook, at, or the Belize Government Press Office. 


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