Belize listed on United’s Summer 2020 Flight Schedule

On June 2, United Airlines made an update to the world in regards to its flights, routes and reopening schedules. This included summer 2020 flights to destinations in Central America and the Caribbean, listing 5 weekly flights scheduled to Belize. While international travel has been the most affected, we know that travel industry partners around the world flights are hopeful for a resurgence. Currently, Belize’s borders and international airport remain closed; the Government of Belize has not yet confirmed a reopen date, though are working diligently to provide an update soon. However, as United updates their schedule for resumed international flights, this may be an indication for resumed service to Belize in summer 2020.

Read more on United’s announcement below:

COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on our business. We expect our international operations to be down about 75% versus 90% in June. In July, we plan to increase the number of international routes over what we operated in June. International capacity will continue to be low, however — about 82% lower than what we had originally expected to operate for the month. For comparison, our June international schedule was about 92% lower than planned.”

Central American Destinations within United’s Summer 2020 Flights

Houston Belize 5x/weekly
Houston Guatemala 2x/daily
Houston Liberia 5x/weekly
Houston Managua Daily
Houston Panama City 2x/daily
Houston San Salvador 2x/daily
Houston San Pedro Sula 2x/daily
Houston San Jose 2x/daily
Houston Tegucigalpa 2x/daily

To find updates on other countries – read more here.

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