Belize Listed in The World’s Top Ten Best Ethical Destinations to Visit in 2021

by Caribbean Lifestyle Editorial Team

In welcomed news, Ethical Traveler has listed Belize in the top ten ethical destinations to visit this year. In a world where travelers are keener to make more responsible decisions around how and where they vacation, the award is a welcomed one. Moreover, it offers a ray of hope for the uptick in tourism where it continues to be massively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

After all, the non-profit organization and publication aims to empower travelers to change the world. Noting the economic contraction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Berkeley-based project hopes that its endorsement will drive the tourism industries, post-pandemic, for the developing countries that it has highlighted on its list of ethical destinations. In addition to its win this year, Belize has won this awards previously in 2017-2018.

The top 10 Countries on the Best Post-Pandemic Ethical Destinations include:

pina colada hopkins muyono beach belize

Cheers to Belize. A piña colada on the beach, photo courtesy Hopkins Bay.

  1. Belize
  2. Benin
  3. Cabo Verde
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Ecuador
  6. Jamaica
  7. Mongolia
  8. Nepal
  9. The Gambia
  10. Uruguay

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Up for a tour? Photo via Leah Flores/Hamanasi

How to Travel Ethically and Responsibly

They say the proof is in the pudding. Indeed, Belize’s efforts to encourage ethical and responsible travel has been seen in its efforts; at Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle, we encourage you to take our  Belize Travel Pledge. It encourages travelers to respect the environment, local culture, and Belizean community whilst inspiring curiosity through adventure.

Take Our Belize Travel Pledge

shark family belize spring break
Photo via Instagram @rtwwithkids
Ziplining with Belize Caving Expeditions and [Photo Courtesy- Jess Campbell]
Ziplining with Belize Caving Expeditions! [Photo Courtesy- Jess Campbell]
Maya island air covid clinic test abbott sir Barry Bowen airport Belize City municipal sanitizeFly Fishing Punta Gorda belize copal
Fly fishing the south with Copal Tree Lodge. Photo courtesy Muy'Ono Resorts
kaana resort garden family
A family affair! Photo courtesy Ka'ana Resort

Roam Responsibly. I will explore Belize responsibly, in both the natural environment and urban areas. I will plan ahead before setting off and do my research on what is my responsibility when roaming.

Exemplify Respect. I will maintain the utmost respect for everyone and everything I encounter, including the regulations while in Belize.

Savor Experiences. I will create memories, safely, and savor all the experiences offered by Belize: whether by its food, vast landscapes, friendly people, or warm hospitality.

Preserve Belize. I will be mindful of my ecological footprint on Belize and her natural environment by protecting natural & cultural monuments, and offshore & inland treasures.

Obtain the Belize Travel Health App. I will follow the terms and conditions set out on entry to Belize in the Belize Travel Health app, including the daily check-ins and contact tracing while in-country.

Nod to Local Culture. I will immerse myself in the local culture and traditions, respectfully, as I explore the curious adventures and history of Belize.

Support Communities. I will support local businesses and do my part to ensure the long-term prosperity of the places I visit.

Initiate Safety. I will follow public health orders from government officials, like reporting my symptoms if I’m sick. I will take the initiative to minimize any health risks for the safety of myself and others.

Bask in Natural Distance. I will maintain physical distancing measures of 6 feet, for the safety of both myself and others. When possible, I will enjoy the natural and open-air luxury of Belize while finding new ways to explore.

Lead by Example. I will lead by example to my fellow travelers, accepting that we collectively share the responsibility to safeguard Belize.

Educate Myself. I will educate myself with the health and safety standards set by government officials to implement before, during, and after my travel to Belize. I will do so frequently, as things may change over time.

For your next vacation, whether in Belize or not, we encourage you to travel responsibly – for a sustainable tomorrow. Header photo courtesy APAMO Member Ya’axché Conservation Trust

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