Belize Natural Energy

by McNab Editorial Team
belize natural energy


Belize Natural Energy is an established Oil and Gas company based in the Western District near Spanish Lookout.  Decades ago, other companies had speculated if Belize was feasible to drill for oil.  This is the first to succeed in following through.  It was founded by Susan Morris, an Irishwoman, experienced geologist, explorer and deal maker. She believed that Belize had oil in sufficient quantities to improve and enhance the nation.  Susan partnered with Belizean Mike Usher in 2002 and began exploratory drilling in 2005, and discovered oil on a farmer’s property in Spanish Lookout. 

Their Mandate 

Susan and Mike had a vision, founded on the hope that oil and gas would positively impact, as well as transform, Belize. With the first successful drill in 2005, they were able to unlock Belize’s commercial oil reserves.  This was a watershed event, considering that there was no E & P oil and gas infrastructure or skilled labor in Belize up to that time.   


How did they achieve this?  They, of course, used skill and technology but also employed a philosophy that mines human potential, acting with social and environmental responsibility in all their operations. Their expanded vision involves growing BNE’s upstream and downstream oil and gas portfolio, expanding into power generation.  Belize is strategically placed to be a hub, a center for an independent power company, bringing the world in contact with Central America and the Caribbean.  This, in turn, will lower gas prices, as well as be the catalyst for further development of Belize. Employees are trained to maximize their potential and assist them in enhancing their way of life and placing emphasis on teamwork.  “Know our Vision/No Division.” 

Community Outreach 

The company provides workshops and a gym for their staff. A Charitable Trust has been established to target problems and fulfill the needs of the community.  Funding is provided to organizations and industrial projects and programs that empower people in the community.  They have partnered with the Credit Union in a countrywide student loan program.  A pilot program was launched for facilitating micro-enterprise.  BNE has also partnered with BEST: Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology, to provide aid for schools, such as for repair and improving infrastructure. 

This pioneer energy company is now uniquely positioned to repeat its success, using this people-centered approach to become the energy solution for the entire region. 

Written by Nelita Castillo

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