Belize Remains One Of The Easiest Caribbean Countries To Visit During The Pandemic

by Tanya McNab
caye caulker Image by Simon Velazquez

We’re all looking forward to the 2021 holiday season, it’s been a long time since traveling with friends and family has been easy. Granted, the Caribbean was one of the first regions to reopen tourism. But even amidst changing entry requirements and seasonal flight schedules, Belize is one of the easiest—if not the easiest—destinations in the Caribbean to travel to and from North America.


Getting to Belize is a breeze, with daily non-stop flights from popular US hubs on American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Plus, the addition of new service like Frontier Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Despite being 17 months into the pandemic, Belize keeps seeing new routes, like direct flights to/from Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles and Orlando that start in November of 2021. 

Testing Requirements

Photo courtesy BTB

But since the pandemic plagued the world, not every country is easy to get into. Belize has made it easy and safe to enter, relax, and enjoy its diverse landscapes. Belize’s two major entry requirements are testing prior to travel and booking with a Gold Standard certified accommodation.

belize gold standard hotel approved ambergris caye

Sunbreeze Hotel is one example of a Gold Standard hotel in San Pedro, Belize. When booking, look for this seal.

For those unable to access a COVID-19 Rapid or PCR Test, Belize has made it easy: there’s a safe (and quick) testing facility onsite its international airport for all incoming arrivals. Each Rapid Test in the airport is priced at US$50.

Pre-Flight Travel Requirements


There is no prior travel authorization required to enter Belize, no travel apps, no quarantine period, and no off-limit travel zones. Essentially, the entire country is ready to be discovered.

National Curfews

A daily national curfew remains in place, requiring you to be on private property between 9:00 pm to 5:00am daily. If you’re staying in a Gold Standard vacation rental such as Casa Al Mar or Kane Villas, then there are no curfew restrictions on property.

Departure Tests for US-Bound Travelers

maya covid test 2

Testing for COVID-19. Photo via Caring Hands Clinic

Worried about getting back to the US? Caring Hands Clinic has testing facilities in all major tourism destinations and provides reliable testing accepted by all airlines that service Belize. Besides being fast with results in 15 minutes or less, bookings may be done online before even arriving in Belize or via walk-ins. Clinics can be found within any domestic Maya Island Air departure terminals.

Header of Caye Caulker. Image by Simon Velazquez

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