Belize listed in Hopper’s Top 10 International Destinations for Christmas

by Carolee Chanona
Christmas grand carib
‘Tis the season for holiday planning. But to travel or not to travel? That is the question. Many vacationers may not yet feel comfortable flying amid the pandemic, but others are chomping at the bit to visit family or explore for the holidays. Nonetheless, travel booking app Hopper has put together its 2020 Holiday Guidance Report, with lists of the top trending domestic and international destinations; this includes those which have higher demand on the app and lower prices than 2019 for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Scroll through to see which spots made Hopper’s list, including Belize rounding off the Christmas list for international destinations to vacation. After all, fragrant spruce and fresh snow are replaced with white-sand sunsets and frosty Belikin beers during the festive season in Belize.

Belize: No. 10 for Christmas

truck stop belize Christmas time

The ever-popular Truck Stop in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Trade in the snow for some Caribbean Sea, switch your ski boots for flippers, and swap cozy sweaters for sunscreen for this Central American and Caribbean country. After all, quality time with loved ones is one thing that you’re guaranteed in Belize. With the festive season right around the corner, planning a winter trip to the tropics could keep your spirits high. Enjoy Thanksgiving in the tropics, or Christmas dinner on a private island for an un-Belize-able holiday photo backdrop. This year, challenge your usual Christmas tradition with a holiday in the tropics for sun-drenched memories. After all, Belize didn’t make Hopper’s list of Christmas destinations for nothing!

Starting December, American Airlines will begin flights to Belize from Dallas-Fort Worth and Charlotte, in addition to its Miami route. American is also offering pre-flight testing to passengers traveling on these routes; passengers can take COVID-19 PCR tests at home and expect results within 48 hours, the airline said. During Christmas in Belize, enjoy local traditions like homemade Rum Popo, black fruitcake, Jankunu dancers, and (hopefully!) San Pedro’s Holiday Boat Parade.

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