Belize, what a romantic destination! 

by McNab Editorial Team
romantic destination

Belize is a beautiful country located in Central America, with the most amazing breathtaking white sand islands, wild landscape and a variety of activities. It is no wonder that Belize is a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Travelers visiting the country are able to choose from a wide variety of upscale luxury hotels to ensure an ultimate romantic vacation. Belize provides the perfect combination of a luxurious holiday but at the same time having a romantic reconnection with your partner.  

Do you know that feeling of weightlessness you get when you see that person? That rush through your whole body? How about having that feeling mutually, and with a great view. Parasailing along Belize’s beaches can be an awe-inspiring and, with the correct tone, totally romantic activity to share with that one person who means the most to you. 


Romance at the Mayan Temples 

In case you are not into this rush activities, you can also have dinner on the top of a Mayan temple. You could literally see for miles from up here and that makes it a wonderful vantage point to catch an extended glimpse of the sunset receding into the west. The twilight hour is said to be the most magical time, so why not share that special moment in one of the most mystical places with someone who absolutely captivates you.  

Tropic Lovers 

You can also have a relaxing sailing day in the Caribbean Sea, with turquoise water and tropical weather. Sit down and witness a gorgeous sunset, can relive the love with your partner and make you feel the luckiest couple in the world. Sip on refreshing drinks, and dine on fresh catch seafood as you cruise off into the twilight, the view of the stars will blow your mind!  


Photo Courtesy: Leonardo Melendez

Couples Retreat 

What can be more relaxing than a spa day after a sailing trip?  There are few activities that strengthen bonds more than helping one another feel relaxed, what about both being taken care of at the same time? Luckily in Belize, there are spas completely equipped to take you to cloud nine and back. Treat your partner to a spa date, have your troubles relaxed away with a deep massage followed by a bottle of champagne. There are few things quite as romantic as spending a day at the spa together.  

For example, The Spa at Om Shanti offers a tempting selection of classic treatments inspired by wellness rituals from around the world. These include soothing facials, healing care for the hands and feet, a variety of massages for men & women, plus body wraps & scrubs.  

It is impossible, to sum up, all the “romantic things” into a list, but now you have some suggestions from us. It can help you, but why listen to us when you can go out and find your own adventure and make your own breathtaking moments. Belize is filled amazing wonders yet, a vacation here can satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a vacation full of activities and adventures, interested in history, or just prefer relaxing by the beach, Belize is perfect for you.  

Written by: Cristina Reyna 

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