Blancaneaux Lodge: 11 Beautiful Eco-Resorts for Conscious Travelers by Cause Artist

by Khaila Gentle

Cause Artist is an online resource highlighting businesses that are positively impacting the world. This week, they published a list of 11 beautiful eco-resorts and eco-lodging destinations that are perfect for the conscious traveler. Included on that list was Blancaneaux Lodge, A Coppola Family Hideaway.

Tucked away in the forests of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Blancaneaux Lodge offers guests a luxurious escape while actively ensuring that the resort’s environmental impact is as minimal as possible.

You can read the feature by Cause Artist below:

Blancaneaux Lodge – Belize

When Francis Ford Coppola first encountered the hidden beauty of Belize, he was immediately smitten.

Purchasing his own private oasis in the form of an abandoned lodge called Blancaneaux, it soon became a beloved retreat for members of Francis’ family before publicly opening its doors to visitors in 1993 and carving out a place among tropical paradises around the world.

Nestled in the breathtaking [Mountain Pine Ridge] Forest Reserve, Blancaneaux Lodge is an idyllic eco-friendly retreat near ancient Mayan ruins.

The eco lodge holds 20-luxury hideaways where waterfalls tumble into turquoise pools above the jungle canopy.

Surrounded by lush plants and abundant wildlife such as jaguars, tapirs and ocelots – guests can explore nature’s wonders while reconnecting with local cultural heritage.

From its organic botanical gardens to horse-drawn carriages carrying visitors around a bamboo forest or through wildflower fields at sunset; this tranquil location celebrates traditional Mayan culture deeply ingrained throughout every aspect of their stay including hand carved wooden treasures displayed within public spaces & authentic dishes served up at Guatemaltecqua Restaurant.

At Blancaneaux Lodge, nature is at the forefront. Thatch and bamboo blend seamlessly into their surrounding Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve home while screened doors and vaulted roofs provide natural air-conditioning – a feature that belies its traditional materials.

As an innovator for renewable energy in Belize, they have been powering property operations with hydroelectricity from Privassion Creek since over 20 years prior – leading environmental initiatives through carbon emissions reduction & sustainability practices to ensure lasting ecological impact on this paradise destination.

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All photos courtesy Blancaneaux Lodge.

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