Blooming & Bright: An Easter Awakening in Belize

Article by SeizeBelize for The Belize Collection

Easter fast approaches, and with it comes temperatures hurtling steadily to the high nineties, pre-made baskets in every grocery store, and of course, a sense of something renewing in the air. And why wouldn’t that be? It’s been almost forty days since the ash was smeared across our foreheads and we promised that we understand what happens when we die. After all, this is what the season is all about. Even without the Catholic pageantry, rebirth is a concept braided into the fabric of this time of year.

It’s in the flowers: budding, blooming, and bright in our closest approximation of spring. It’s in the smell of baking bread down the street, where someone’s father has decided once again to take up the challenge of baking hot cross buns for Easter Sunday. (The cross will never take, despite his best efforts, but the bread is good anyway, and it is a transgression easily forgiven). Most of all, it is in us.

Two Full Weeks of a Spring In Your Step


Credit: Monica Gallardo Photography

Because, for some, Easter is about multicolored plastic eggs with candy hidden along windowsills, for others, it’s about the church, in the definition of a Sunday best, and for someone else, it’s two weeks off from work and school to catch up on that book that’s taken a while to get to.

But most of all, Easter in Belize is about family.

Two weeks of full kitchens and endless days of bright sun and lazy rivers. Two weeks to get up with the morning songbirds and go on a hike with someone you love. Two weeks to eat good food and to fall asleep in a hammock while half-listening to your grandmother explain why you absolutely cannot go swimming on Good Friday.

Easter is open hearts and hands kneading dough and a Holy Saturday cross-country cycling race that you will probably get to see even if you weren’t following, to begin with. And, like the sun and the flowers and the bun with a cross that takes great discipline to perfect, it is about coming alive. So, if you find yourself in the lucky position of visiting Belize in the Easter season, there are a few things you will come to know.

What Easter Looks Like in Belize

Credit: Monica Gallardo Photography

Like, Stations of the Cross reenactments never run smoothly no matter how many times we’ve been through this before (it’s still worth it), and getting on the George Price Highway before two in the afternoon on Holy Saturday is no easy feat, and you don’t have to look too hard to find yourself when you’re ready.So, this coming Easter, remember to book your stay and find a home at one of The Belize Collection resorts and let the resurrection season find its home in you.

After all, you never know. Awakening has more than one form.

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