Easter in Belize  

by McNab Editorial Team
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There’s never a bad time to visit Belize, it’s 85 degrees and sunny most of the time. Like everywhere though, there is that “perfect” time of year to visit us, and that’s in March and April.  

March and April are traditionally the best months to visit Belize, and with Easter holidays largely celebrated in Belize and typically falling between these months, the festivities throughout the country are all that much more lively and the entire country is bustling.  So what’s so great about these months?   

March “wedda” – (translation for weather in creole, Belize’s native dialect) provides you some of the most beautiful days you could ask for.  Sunshine, clear blue skies, and a consistent flow of Caribbean breeze which makes for the most perfect island vacation, especially since back home it’s likely to still be cold.  Easter in Belize has a lot of traditions that come along with it and its a big family time for locals.  

On Good Friday, Boil Up is a must to eat, especially if you’re in the south. This dish is a combination of healthy and non-healthy starches. Every item is boiled from ground foods (yam, cassava, sweet potatoes, plantain), to the meats (fish and pigtails) to the cake dough and eggs. This meal is topped with tomato sauce, coconut oil, and sautéed onions. Boil up can be bought at local restaurants for $10-15 Belizean dollars. 

Legend has it that you shouldn’t swim until after 5 pm on Good Friday or else you would turn into a mermaid.

Beach destinations

The most popular places to spend your Easter holidays in Belize are in beach destinations, below are a few to choose from. Be sure to book early as they are very popular spots for locals and visitors alike, to find resort options, visit our Accommodations Page.

Beach relax Sgt caye
Relaxing on Sargeant's Caye, Belize. Photo © CCL
placencia beach

Belize is predominantly Catholic and Easter holidays observed in Belize are as follows: 

  • Holy Thursday – April 9th, 2020 
  • Good Friday – April 10th, 2020 
  • Holy Saturday – April 11th, 2020 
  • Easter Sunday – April 12th, 2020 

 Written by Tanya McNab

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