Can You Go Surfing in Belize?

by Larry Waight

Belize is a vibrant country with a wide array of biomes to satisfy all sorts of adventurous types. One of these potential visitor demographics would be surfers. When you consider just how much coastline Belize has, it makes sense that surfers would be interested in knowing where they could go to bring their board and get their fix. However, the sad reality is that Belize does not usually have a big presence in the world of surf-related vacation spots. We’re not complaining: although the Belize Barrier Reef blocks any big waves coming in, it also provides priceless shoreline protection against storms and the like. That said, there is one notable exception for die-hard surfers looking to ride the waves while in Belize and it’s found in Glover’s Reef Atoll. That’s right. The answer to the question of whether you can go surfing in Belize is a surprising yes!

Longboard Long Caye from Victor Myers on Vimeo.

If you consider yourself one of these die-hard swimmers and you absolutely need to surf in every country you visit, you only need to get in touch with a Belize tour company to see this one spot.

Belize’s Best Formed Atoll

kayaking glovers belize

Kayaking at Glover’s Reef Atoll. Photo by Duarte Dellarole Photography

Glover’s Reef is the sole quality surfing spot in all of Belize. The red tape in surfing here comes from the fact that Glover’s Reef is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since not just anyone can go to Glover’s Reef, a tour company knows the right people to get in contact with so that you can brave the brine.

While the waters around Belize are gorgeous and perfectly clear, it is not a country known for its surf culture. That said, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy other aquatic endeavors while you are visiting. Surfing options may be limited, but there are tons of opportunities to windsurf, kayak, and snorkel around Belize’s many cayes.


Image via Slick Rock Adventures

When you are done with Belize’s waters, there are plenty more activities for you back on land. Alternately, you can just call it a day, chill out, and grab some Z’s in a hammock. Even if you focused the bulk of your vacation on the beaches, it would be odd to only bring swimsuits with you.

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For the best surfing adventures in Belize, skip visiting during the wet season. Enjoy loads of sun and warm temperatures between November and May. After all, Belize is a country of adventure. You can fly in, come by car or even by boat. Just remember to bring your passport!

Header image via Slickrock Adventures. This article was first published in July 2021.

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