T+L Outlines Caribbean Island’s Plan for Reopening

by Vivian Roe

For those dreaming of the heading back to the Caribbean, Travel + Leisure gave us the good news this week that these dreams may soon become a reality. For some, travel restrictions to these beautiful islands are still in effect. Nevertheless there has been recent signs of reopenings and restrictions lifting. This gives some sign of hope to tourism-dependent Caribbean nations. Perhaps, lounging in the sun on a white sandy beach may not be too far off in 2020.

In the link below, Travel + Leisure outlines each island’s reopening plan – with island hotspots like St.Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda and The United States Virgin Islands cautiously reopening this month. The article also outlines the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus each has recorded since the beginning of the outbreak.

Read Travel + Leisure’s full outline on Caribbean islands reopening here.

Though Belize hasn’t confirmed the exact date for reopening, the country recorded its 50th day COVID-19 free on June 3rd.  Belize, which took very stringent measures early on, has only recorded a very low 18 cases thus far. Additionally, the country continues to its strict measures to mitigate a COVID-19 outbreak. This includes outlining the healthy and safety standards for protecting its residents, and visitors, in the soon to be released Belize Gold Book by Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle.

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