Celebrate All Things Love & Romance on a Belize Private Island in 2024

by Larry Waight

Romantics who count on relationship advice were probably taken aback when Anna Lovine published an article on Bumble’s 2024 Dating Trend Predictions recently. Lovine bases her research on dramatic relationship changes that can be traced back to the pandemic era when everyone rethought how we do everything—including our relationships. The sex and relationships expert agrees that the pandemic dramatically changed the way people pick romantic partners.

“It is exciting to see people continue to lean into self-acceptance and vulnerability as the foundation of healthy and equitable relationships,” she said. “When we are kinder to ourselves, we are able to make more meaningful, purposeful, and intentional connections both online and in real life.”

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Dating based on shared values has become one of the most important and grounding trends, and if you’ve found The One, it’s likely your relationship is built on solid ground that deserves as much tender loving care as you and your partner can give. One of the best ways to make sure your bond endures is to prioritize getting away as often as possible so there’s time to focus on one another. The ultimate destination? A private island that won’t require you to fly halfway around the world. Discover Belize’s Ray Caye Island Resort. Just a short plane ride away from most North American cities, it’s Shangri-la for lovers!

Lean Into Romance on this Belize Private Island

Photo Credit: Ray Caye Island Resort/ Kaejon Misuraca

Only 50 guests at a time can be accommodated on Ray Caye, making it a truly private island escape. Select the accommodation that appeals to you. Options range from luxurious honeymoon suites, complete with private plunge pools, to breezy island house rooms boasting spectacular views.  Lush landscaping and distance between lodgings gift all guests with plenty of seclusion. 


On this island paradise, you’ll be 18 miles away from mainland Belize and a million miles away from the hustle and bustle. So, be sure to put together a list of your shared travel dreams before you leave and make this romantic vacation sublime. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas. 

Romantic Activities You Can Explore During Your Stay at Ray Caye

Photo Credit: Ray Caye Island Resort/ Kaejon Misuraca

Get a massage at Ray Caye’s well-reviewed Wellness Center & Spa.  Request massages, scrubs, and facials at the location of your choice, including your cabana.  Or, take advantage of the fitness center if you’d love to keep up with your workout routine. Plus, shop the island’s Pelagic store if you’re as focused on water sports as you are on each other. You won’t be the first couple to choose gifts for each other to commemorate this bliss-filled getaway.


Offshore, diving and snorkeling together is sure to be a sublime experience, especially with Ray Caye’s Pirate Reef Dive Shop, which will have you covered when it comes to essentials and even classes. Then, for dinner, find out how chefs at the Lionfish Bar & Grill elevate cuisine to new heights as you toast each other under the moon. 

Photo Credit: Ray Caye Island Resort

You’re one phone call away from booking the romantic getaway of a lifetime. Use this 2024 getaway as your opportunity to propose. Or, just make it an introductory visit to an island that will win your heart. And, trust us, you won’t be the first couple to ask about potentially planning a destination wedding!

Featured Photo Credit: Ray Caye Island Resort/ Kaejon Misuraca

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