Why A Villa Stay Is Nothing Short of Magical This Month

by Carolee Chanona
Villa Veranda Seafront Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Nothing screams “just the two of us” better than escaping to someplace with your loved one where it’s literally just the two of you spending quality time with each other. And if you’ve been planning that love-filled quick getaway, you’re in for a treat. That’s because we’ve scouted two of the most romantic stays in Belize for you to take that much-awaited vacation and do Belize naturally. After all, a villa in Placencia and an estate room in Mountain Pine Ridge are popular tourist destinations and for more reasons than one. From a tropical climate, vast greens, and serene beaches to a rich culture and appetizing food, there’s so much that this corner of Central America and the Caribbean has to offer. The icing? Private snorkeling offshore on a pristine day-tripper’s island, an all-villa beachside resort, picnicking at the foot of a waterfall, and 7,200 acres all to yourself on a private estate.

Two Destinations, One Package

It’s your choice how to split up your 7-day package, with either 3- or 4-days at each destination. If you’re looking to “do Belize naturally,” this package gets into the two sides of Belize: its beachy coastline and lush, verdant interiors.

Your Jungle Destination: Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve

You’ll see guest exclusive as the common thread woven within this package. After all, Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve practically offers 7,200 acres to their guest’s disposal—that includes private waterfalls, like the breathtaking Butterfly Falls, all to yourself. A sanctuary of nature, your retreat is 4 nights in an Estate Room, outfitted with cozy touches like an outdoor shower and even a fireplace, plus all meals, a private waterfall picnic lunch (with champagne!), and a full-day guided tour to Caracol Maya Site, Rio Frio Cave and Rio on Pools.


Butterfly Falls is just one of five major waterfalls inside Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve.

And with transport covered from the Philip Goldson International Airport to Hidden Valley Inn, your next destination after is Chabil Mar Guest Exclusive Villas.

Your Beach Destination: Chabil Mar

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