Coppola Hideaways: How to De-Stress Like the Coppolas in Belize

by Larry Waight

Researchers say that one of the best gifts folks can give themselves to relieve non-stop stress triggered by too much frightening news is to go on a “media fast”! These experts offer tips that include journaling, limiting daily exposure, and finding other creative ways to avoid the 24/7 barrage of news that never seems to stop.

Easier said than done, say skeptics who worry so much about missing updates, that fear triggers even more stress. But there is one solution that can help even the most harried person resolve this dilemma: Escape to a secluded, private haven where you won’t care about ongoing crises because you’ll be too busy relaxing and having fun.

Where to Go to Get Away from the Madness

No mystery here. Choose from two luxe Belize resorts owned and operated by the imaginative Coppola family of Hollywood fame, and your craving for privacy and seclusion will be satisfied. Plus, activities, experiences, lush landscapes, and opportunities to nestle into a rarified world of peace and tranquility will soothe your mind, body, and soul. Keep reading to learn more about de-stressing like the Coppolas in Belize.

Turtle Inn


Afternoon hammock naps at Turtle Inn. Photo by Andrew Durham

If you’ve wistfully envied the slow, deliberate pace at which turtles move, you’re not alone. Why not emulate life in the slow lane by lodging at Turtle Inn, where sand and surf are steps from your digs and the jungle teems with life?

You’ll hide away in a rustic, thatched roof cottage filled with South Seas-inspired art and furnishings.

If you crave a town fix, the charming, nearby village of Placencia is fun to roam and shop. But you’ll be eager to return to Turtle Inn, where the beachfront, the epicenter of bliss (Sunset Spa), swimming pool, a gourmet eatery, and your private, secluded world await your return. It doesn’t get any more idyllic.

Blancaneaux Lodge

A intimate hideaway in the the Maya heartland. Photo via Blancaneaux Lodge

Can you escape from drama associated with 21st century stressors at a haven that’s more dramatic? You can if you opt for this enclave within Belize’s fragrant rainforest where magnificent waterfalls soothe mind and spirit. This former Coppola family hideaway is small, lush, and designed to accommodate few guests within a mountain-ridged sanctuary where they are invited to revisit this land’s exotic past at nearby Mayan ruins.

Exotic furnishings within each dwelling are movie-set worthy, and activities never disappoint. Ride horses. Mountain bike. Indulge in cuisine that meets the Coppola standard for culinary excellence. Of course, there’s the also the Waterfall Spa. And, best of all, the service (at both resorts) is outstanding. Would you expect anything less?

Either Resort Will Spoil You for All Future Vacations!

Coppola family members would be the first to tell you that “seeing is believing.” Thus, you’re invited to see what’s going on at both resorts by viewing these YouTube videos to see which meets your definition of nirvana:

Turtle Inn

Or Blancaneaux Lodge

The best news of all? Today’s media tracking apps can capture and save up all the news you missed while you are in paradise restoring your sense of equilibrium. But be forewarned. You may settle into such a state of bliss during your getaway, it might not matter what you missed while on your “media fast”!

All photos courtesy of Coppola Family Hideaways

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