Belizean Women in Lead 2023: A Conversation with Mrs. Magali Gabb of Travellers Liquors

by Khaila Gentle
Our second feature for Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle’s Belizean Women in Lead 2023 series is Mrs. Magali Perdomo Gabb, the General Manager at Travellers Liquors Ltd. 

The Caribbean is known as the birthplace of rum. And with the beloved spirit making a well-deserved comeback in the world of alcohol, it’s quite fitting that our next feature for Belizean Women in Lead 2023 is one of the country’s leaders in rum making.

Travellers Liquors 5 Barrel Rum

Mrs. Magali Perdomo Gabb is the General Manager at Belize’s award winning rum distillery, Travellers Liquors Ltd. Established in 1953, Travellers Liquors is a family-run business that has become synonymous with rum in Belize over the years.

The rum industry was once a heavily male-dominated industry. Today, though, things have slowly begun to change. Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle had the chance recently to sit down with Mrs. Magali and talk about what it’s been like navigating the world of rum.

An Interview with Mrs. Magali Perdomo Gabb

Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle: As a woman leading rum in Belize and a woman in a mostly male-dominated industry, what are you most proud of when it comes to your job?

Magali: I think we come from the background where only men drank rum – when I was growing up the men would come here, my brothers came before i did. But the new generation has proven that women can also work, earn their keep, and run a company. That’s what I feel we’re all most proud of here. My dad started the company with men. Now, with this generation, we see that the women can also do it. I’m proud of that fact. And I’m also proud that Belize has welcomed a woman in this field as well.

CC+L: What does a day working in the rum industry look like?

M: With our industry, ageing rum, we have to look ahead. So we know what we’re doing today and what we’re doing tomorrow, but we have to also look even further ahead. For example, you know, the One Barrel, we have to age it for a year. And the Three Barrel, we have to age it for three years. The Five Barrel, five years, and so on. So, we have to plan way ahead. It’s a lot of planning. It’s also checking on the people assigned to do the task, making sure that they have all they need – bottles, labels, and everything needed to make the rum.  So that’s what most of the day is like, trying to make it all run.

CC+L: What advice would you give to any young woman working in a male-dominated field who might be facing some of the challenges that come with that?

M: I think, for women, I would advise them to stay the course. If you have a dream and you think there’s a possibility you have to stay the course. You can’t take no for an answer. You just have to try to keep moving forward.

About Travellers Liquors Ltd

Travellers’ founder, Don Omario Perdomo, chose the name of the distillery to honor his clientele, most of whom were persons traveling into and out of Belize City. Today, in addition to serving its local clientele, Traveller’s Liquors also exports to Europe, Canada and the US. After his passing, Don Omario’s legacy was carried on by his children, including Magali, the 6th child of him and his wife Perla.

The Perdomo Family at the launch of Travellers’ Belizean Rum

The renowned Belizean distillery currently offers a wide range of wines and spirits, including the famous One Barrel Rum. History buffs and rum enthusiasts can get an in depth look at the history of Travellers Liquors through a tour at the company’s Heritage Museum located on the Philip Goldson Highway in Belize City. Visitors at the museum also get the chance to sample some of the company’s products.


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