Explore an Ancient Underworld While Cave Tubing in Belize!

by Larry Waight
cave tubing

Are you committed to making 2021 the year you prioritize fun after a best-forgotten 2020? Once you’re comfortable enough to board a plane, Belize awaits your arrival where you can push your post-quarantine limits and feel the freedom that comes courtesy of a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. The crown jewel of the Caribbean coast, Belize, offers you an exotic, compact destination that invites you to double down on sightseeing because unlike neighboring nations, Belize is small and packed with things to do. One of the most popular activities for people of all ages is “cave tubing,” and it’s the ideal way to revive your post-Covid spirits.   

What You’ll Need For Cave Tubing To The Underworld


Photo by the BTB

Will you need a passport to travel through the underworld? Nope. Trained guides lead these fun expeditions and take care of all of the arrangements so when you and your travel partners are ready for fun, you’ll travel the river with a guide who knows all there is to know about the places and spaces you are about to explore. The excitement starts long before getting into an oversized, industrially-crafted inner tubes at the river’s edge. You’ll travel the scenic Hummingbird Highway and take a walk through a lush rainforest before reaching the tubing launch site on the Caves Branch River. Settle into your tube after donning a life vest and headlamp so you don’t miss a thing once you reach the darkest cave chambers.

You’re in for the spine-tingling experience of a lifetime, from the moment you enter the cave. Now, you’re cave tubing into the underworld.”

Before you enter the cave, look for nature preserve inhabitants along the river bank. You may spot exotic birds perched in trees and wildlife like jaguars, toucans, ocelots and tapirs hiding amid the vegetation. You’ll hear the Howler monkeys before you see them. Your professional guides are chosen for their river navigational skills, their understanding about the cave formations plus the rituals, ceremonies and belief systems that made these underworld chambers epicenters of Mayan society. Float through a wonderland of passages and hear stories about a sacred world inhabited by priests and acolytes. You are likely to see skeletal remains of sacrificial victims as well as artifacts and religious relics.

Get Planning to Discover Xibalba in Belize

St. Herman's Blue Hole

Still not refreshed after cave tubing? Dip into the inland Blue Hole. Photo Courtesy: Belize Audubon Society

Don’t be surprised if time speeds by as you float from one amazing area of the cave to another. If you are like most visiting cave tubers, you won’t want to leave when your guide informs you that the journey is coming to an end! Intrigued? It’s impossible not to be fascinated, which is why you’ll want to prioritize cave tubing when you create your itinerary. Make it happen by planning your visit to Belize with us, for everything from lodgings and car rentals to tour operators eager to show off Belize’s cave system.  

cave tubing

Cave tubing in Belize!

Having a single resource saves you time and money and since English is Belize’s first language, you won’t miss a word spoken by your Gold Standard licensed tour operator during your deep dive into Belize caves, a one-of-a-kind experience that has no equal! 

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