Roam Belize Responsibly by Renting a Car: Explore By Land

by Carolee Chanona

Tourists visiting Belize can move about freely, however it is recommended that they remain within the Tourism Safe Corridor. The Safe Corridor includes Gold Standard certified restaurants, tour operators, tourism sites and attractions, and gift shops. These Gold Standard and certified entities have all been trained and have implemented enhanced health and safety measures. However, visitors can also rent a car from Belize’s international airport. Visitors may rent and self-drive vehicles only if pick-up and return are at the international airport, and GPS tracking will be used for contact tracing purposes. Find out how to keep safe while traveling domestically during a pandemic, no matter where you are.



Bertha's Tamales Roeming Belize

Bertha’s Tamales along the Hummingbird Highway is a must-try. Photo courtesy Roeming Belize

Although tourists can roam outside of Belize’s Tourism Safe Corridor, it is important to remain COVID-safe. And so, be responsible in Belize by adhering to our national mask mandate, practicing 6 feet of social distancing, and proper hygiene. It is also strongly recommended to bring along a negative PCR test, taken within the 72 hours of traveling to Belize. There is also a national curfew, outdoor dining capacity restrictions, and a recommended Tourism Safe Corridor. Learn more about Belize’s current restrictions amid COVID-19 here.

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The CDC has warned that car travel does indeed present unforeseen risks, “Making stops along the way for gas, food, or bathroom breaks can put you and your traveling companions in close contact with other people and surfaces.” Luckily, road trip destinations in Belize are often done in one set drive. Regardless, here’s a few safety tips to remember while roaming responsibly by a rental car in Belize:

  • When re-filling at a gas station, wipe down handles and buttons (if wipes are available) at the pumps before you touch them, and if not, sanitize your hands immediately after.
  • Carry a mask on you at all times, including an extra one to keep in the car. Remember: you can be refused service without one. Although it is not required to be worn inside your vehicle with the same household, please wear one should you encounter a traffic checkpoint.
  • Dine-in restaurants have switched to take-out only, so keep your eyes out for outdoor dining options if hunger strikes.
  • Belize is under a national curfew, so arrive at your destination before 10:00 pm. Don’t cut it close, because there are hefty fines for breaking curfew. Or, schedule to leave after 5:00 am.
  • Carry sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) with you at all times when leaving the car.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly (with soap and water for at least 20 seconds) once you have finished using the restroom, and sanitize your hands before touching your car keys or door handles after leaving the facilities.
  • Public restrooms might be closed (some gas stations or fast-food restaurants may have restrooms available, but some might not). If the opportunity to use the toilet presents itself, take it.
Read more on Belize’s current regulations amid COVID here.

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