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Belize One of the Top Birding Destinations for 2020

From the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea: Our next selection is the (vastly underrated) Central American nation of Belize. This lush tropical oasis is a haven not only for snowbirds of the human variety but their winged counterparts as well—though most of Belize’s 618 species of birds call the nation home all year-round (only 20% are migrants.) And, frankly, we can’t blame them. For a country roughly the size of New Jersey, Belize boasts a spectacularly diverse range of ecosystems, from the coastal mangroves and wetlands to the interior pine forests that surround the Mayan Mountains.

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Though you will discover many of the country’s avian inhabitants without actively seeking them out (be sure to guard your snacks), Belize is nevertheless home to seven of the best birding sites in the world, including Man-o-War Caye, the Caracol Mayan Ruins, and the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. To visit all these places would require touring around the country, which, thankfully, is quite easy to manage. Book a stay at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge in Cayo to explore the nation’s jungle before heading to the Lodge at Jungle Reef at Hopkins Village and, finally, to Ambergris Caye (where we recommend exploring the pristine environs just off the coast of Secret Beach, a not-so-secret seaside paradise for locals and visitors alike.)

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