Belize introduces Gold Standard Recognition Program for Tourism

by McNab Editorial Team
gold standard program belize

The BTB’s Gold Standard Recognition Program

As Belize’s tourism industry prepares to reopen for tourism, the health and safety of the country is more important than ever to mitigate risk of COVID-19. To meet these challenges and expectations, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is launching its Gold Standard Recognition Program for the hotels alongside the country’s national tourism guidelines. 

These new protocols are focused on enhanced hotel and restaurant cleaning practices, social interactions, workplace policies, and standard operating procedures while ensuring minimal impact on the guest experience. Furthermore, the 9-Point Program will enhance tourism industry health and safety standards by adopting new behaviors and procedures to ensure both travellers and employees are confident in the safety of Belize’s hotels and restaurants. Properties will go through a declaration process to receive “Tourism Gold Standard Recognition”. Additionally, they will be recognized with certification by the Belize Tourism Board.

An abridged summary of Belize’s 9-Point Checklist for Tourism Stakeholders:

  1. Appointing a “Gold Standard Program Manager” to implement protocols and ensure compliance
  2. Monitoring & reporting with temperature checks and health monitoring
  3. Practicing social distancing with both workers and visitors
  4. Implementing an enhanced cleaning & sanitation procedures; increased disinfection of commons areas; face masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers, visitors and guests
  5. Creating a rapid and clear response plan for suspected COVID-19 cases
  6. Establishing a clear & consistent communication for frequent feedback with employees and guests; relating to the protocols and their impact
  7. Maximizing access to sanitation stations across the property
  8. Introducing digital technologies for transactions, check-in/out, online ordering, ticketing, etc., to reduce physical interactions
  9. Training workers to ensure they are prepared to manage and implement the new protocols based on their role


Details of the Gold Standard Recognition Program for the overnight tourism sector can be found within the official protocols released by the Belize Tourism Board.

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