Graduation Season: A Break In Belize For Paradise Before College

by Dion Vansen

There are many benefits for students taking a break to recharge energies following their graduation and before attending college. A well-deserved time off on either Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye off the northeast coast of Belize will not only make you a better student, but a more well-rounded individual. Below, we share a list with you of a few positive outcomes of why traveling for a break to Belize for a slice of paradise before heading to college is so beneficial. After four long years in high school, a summer getaway to the Caribbean can be a good way to reboot before plunging into another educational journey! Relax, meditate and return home fully charged with positive energy to tackle the new challenge of tertiary education. 

Meet new people

On the islands, you will certainly make new friends. This could be the opportunity to forge long-lasting friendships based on a variety of reasons compared to circumstances. A good friendship is hard to find and these are not only important due to their social aspect, but because they can become powerful contacts in the future.

Time to think

Find this fun photo op across the street from Caye Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. on Ambergris Caye. Photo courtesy

This time traveling to an exotic place like Belize will provide you with a space to think about your passion in life and how to achieve it through education when you head back to studying in college. This will also help you focus on a chosen career that will secure you from being stuck in a non-rewarding job as opposed to a career that will enrich your life.

Perform better in college


Snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef. Image via Grand Caribe Belize

After spending some time off enjoying your time with family, acquaintances, and new friends, returning to your life as a student will improve your performance. This is due to the fact that after such a needed break to reflect on what you want for your future; your tertiary level education will become very important. With that time off from your daily routine and exposure to what takes place in what can be considered the open world, you will understand the value of an education.

Torch burnout 

jet ski grand caribe resort belize

Photo by Grand Caribe Belize

After being in high school for so long, it can burn you out and let you start to pay less attention to other things in your young life. Such behavior may not be conducive to a successful college starting; thus, a getaway will give you that time off needed to recuperate and start your college life refreshed, recharged, and ready for this new step and challenge in your life.

These are just some of the reasons we think it is important for students to give themselves time to relax in a new scenery before returning to studying. Some people may take a year gap before returning to school or just a short summer, while others may not prefer a long pause. A short break may be just fine. We recommend visiting somewhere outside of your zone, something different, but at the same time, a fun and paradisaic destination like the tropical cayes off the beautiful coast of Belize.

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Header image courtesy Grand Caribe Belize.

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