Healthy and Sustainable Living in Western Belize

by Louise Roe

A new year brings new opportunities. If you are considering committing to a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle, then Carmelita Gardens can be the right choice for you. Carmelita Gardens, nestled within the Cayo district in the lush Belize River Valley exists as a 98-acre self- sufficient community. Colorful homes sits in a peaceful surrounding of blue skies and a green landscape allowing for you to embrace and enjoy nature in its purest form. Belize’s beauty naturally lend itself to being an easy destination to live sustainably.

Top 3 benefits to living a sustainable life in Belize


Sustainability is at the heart of the community at Carmelita Gardens considering they are 100% “off-the-grid”.  All cottages use renewable energy source as a source of power. Onsite units host state-of-the-art solar technology that supports air conditioning, fans, washers, dryers, and refrigerators. And not to mention, rainwater catchment and sustainable building practices used allow for clean, low-impact living. With these renewable energy sources, the community has been designed to not harm the environment.


A healthier you comes from what you eat, and your lifestyle. Carmelita Gardens can pave the road to a healthier you. Being a self-sufficient community, the community does year round growing with a self-sufficient food systems in place for its residents and guest. You can source delicious home grown fruit and vegetables from your garden such as Okra, cherry tomatoes, carrots, onions, bananas and much more.

Additionally, the San Ignacio Market not too far from the community allows you to pick up other local produce. Reliance on seasonal and locally grown food when living in Belize allow for a more sustainable and balanced diet. Another key factor to your health is exercise. With 98 acres of wide open space and fresh air, Carmelita Gardens is the ideal piece of paradise for a relaxing stroll or a healthy run.


The cottages at Carmelita Gardens are enjoyed by full-time residents, part-time residents (snowbirds), and renters. All who enjoy a similar way of life. Carmelita Gardens vision has always been  “To be a place where people come to enjoy the art of living well by developing a sustainable community through energy independence, responsible agriculture, art, education, and entrepreneurship.”  Here simplicity is what you come to know and love when you live here.

From spending time outside, planting trees, to living clean these are  simple and treasured pleasures. All in all,  a  sustainable lifestyle at Carmelita Gardens allows us to deeply connected with nature and the environment around us – making for a healthier you. You adopt a new and fulfilling way of living in Belize.

For more information on moving to Belize or to visit Carmelita Gardens, visit their website.

All images courtesy: Camelita Gardens 

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