Where to Go For Holidays On A Lulling Island? Southern Belize’s Blue Marlin Beach Resort

by Larry Waight

Tradition-setting has always been an important part of holidays, notes Dr. Michele Brennan whose patients had no idea how much they missed even the smallest rituals bringing families together for holidays during COVID. But not all families were bereft, she observed because some of them started new traditions that not only compensated but re-imagined these year-end occasions. One of the most notable changes, she observed was a change in attitude about holiday travel—not to Grandma’s House, but to the Caribbean rim. Frequent North American holiday visitors agree that having a blast in Belize is the only way to spend year-end holidays, citing these compelling reasons for grabbing your sunscreen and heading south to a land where Christmas is so beloved, it’s celebrated throughout the entire month of December.



There’s no snow in Belize—unless you count the fake snow used in decorations to pay homage to Santa Claus.  

  • No slaving over a hot stove and non-stop cleaning because guests are in the care of resort hosts. 
  • Belize offers visitors a wealth of religious observances that are filled with the pageantry and ritual you expect. 
  • Everyone speaks English, so your brain takes a holiday from thinking about word translations, too. 
  • Use U.S. dollars during your stay, though the currency exchange rate is so simple, a child can do the math.  
  • Belizean hospitality is legendary; especially during the Christmas season when strangers are treated like family. 
  • Find fascinating rituals associated with the holidays that reflect Belize’s many cultural roots. 

A resort that exceeds your holiday expectations 

At the Blue Marlin Beach Resort, preparations for the 2022 year-end holidays are already in full swing, as staff prepares to greet guests Belize holiday-style. They include: 

  • Make sure the diving, fishing, and snorkeling equipment guests desire are in top shape. 
  • Resort kayaks and paddleboards are being inspected, cleaned, sanitized, and stored for optimal performance. 
  • The 400-foot dock will be ready for observers eager to spot bonefish, rays, and other marine life beneath the surface. 
  • Crews are readying guests’ favorite resort hangout: Mike’s Tiki Thatch beach bar, situated next to the volleyball court. 
  • Spa services (including couples massages) will continue to be delivered on the beach, veranda, or your digs. 
  • Yoga enthusiasts find mats available to guests interested in this ancient practice. 
  • Expect to be treated to a staff-led island walk that reveals aspects of this island’s fascinating history. 
  • Birdwatch if you’re enamored with this popular activity. You’ll be entertained non-stop by so many species. 
  • And of course, Happy Hour at Charlie’s Bar will be the epicenter of fun throughout your holiday sojourn!

Packages, specials, festivities, and more! 

Having done your best to leave behind wrapped gifts for family members you’ll miss during your tropical holiday (but not too much!), you’ll be treated to a Blue Marlin package that never disappoints. No need to worry about being offered a few options since this remarkably small resort gives you not one but 10 package choices, one of which is an opportunity to rent the entire island

What will be included in your 2022 holiday stay? Everything! Tropical accommodations, transport to and from the island, gourmet dining, and access to the adventures you most want to undertake during your Belize holiday. There’s even a relaxation package designed just for guests who are happy to let everyone else dive, snorkel, fish, and pursue every extreme sport on the resort menu while they hum Christmas carols from a beach chair on the sand.

blue marlin beach lodge

Image courtesy Blue Marlin Beach Lodge

Does all this sound so fantastic you’re feeling depressed just knowing that getting on a plane and heading for Belize is simply not feasible now? Relax. All this largess will remain available to you while snow continues to fall in your area, and you won’t be the only post-holiday guests at this swank resort because 2023 bookings are already coming in from folks who must also wait for their place in the sun. In the interim, buy yourself a new swimsuit and sunscreen.

Place them somewhere that will inspire you until your schedule is cleared and you have a window of travel opportunity. The island and the best staff anywhere in Belize promise to deliver on your version of Christmas, even if you don’t show up until February!

All images via Blue Marlin Beach Resort.

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