8 Common Questions When Flying With Maya Island Air in Belize

by Carolee Chanona

According to Tripadvisor’s fall travel index, six out of 10 Americans plan to travel this season, despite the travel chaos, and 50% of people plan on traveling more this fall compared to last fall. With North America being Belize’s largest tourism market, domestic travel is a common question that pops up throughout your vacation planning. For those of you planning air transfer to-and-from your final destination in Belize, here are eight common questions (and answers) with Maya Island Air, a leading domestic commercial passenger airline that services the country daily.

Is there any flight service on board?
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No. These are short-haul flights, with no route in Belize exceeding one hour—which isn’t even consecutive flight time. Maya Island Air’s fleet is entirely puddle jumpers, which are small passenger airplanes typically used for shorter connecting trips to smaller airports and airstrips. Passengers take their seats, buckle in, and can expect to be at their destination within 15 minutes.

How early should I book?

Bookings are open on Maya Island Air’s online platform up to a year in advance, and a minimum 24 hours prior to your intended flight date and time is recommended. Although there are daily multiple flights to each domestic destination, book early before seats fill up during the holiday season!

Does the schedule change during the holiday season?

Operating daily, Maya Island Air typically adds more flights during Belize’s peak travel season, which hovers between Thanksgiving and Spring Break, especially around Christmas and New Year.

Since it’s a domestic flight, when do I have to be at the domestic airport?

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If you’re using Maya Island Air as your air transfer before your international flight (say, Placencia Airport to the Philip Goldson International Airport), a minimum of three hours. If there are any delays, this allows enough time to rebook you for the next flight.

How should I book a flight with Maya Island Air? 

You can book directly online, by email, by WhatsApp, or by phone. Alternatively, some vacation packages in Belize already include your domestic air transfer—double-check what’s included with your hotel stay beforehand.

My ticket has a layover in another destination. What can I expect?


On Maya Island Air, in-transit passengers don’t deplane on domestic layovers. Instead, you can expect a short layover—usually no more than 10 minutes—as passengers disembark here as the final destination, or the plane refuels.

Are there any different flight classes?

No, given the size and layout of the small passenger plane.

Is the airline pet-friendly?

Yes! Small dogs can travel either inside a carrier or on your lap for the short-haul flight. Be sure to inform staff prior to check-in.

All images via Maya Island Air.

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