Own a Home in Belize? You’ll Need to Apply to Visit Starting August 15

by McNab Editorial Team
belize home return owner

Belize has just announced its newly revised travel measures, which now includes an application process for all long-term travelers: this applies to Belizean citizens, residents, foreign second home owners, Qualified Retired Persons (QRPs), and non-nationals coming for longer stays after August 15. Besides downloading the mandatory Belize Health App and inputting the required information, those falling within these two sections will be required to take a mandatory PCR test at the airport on entry at their own expense of US$50.00 per person.

Editor’s Note: Announced August 5, Belize has postponed its the reopening date of its international airport due to a rise in local COVID-19 cases. Read more on Belize postponing its tourism reopening here. (Edited 6/08/2020)

Who needs to apply?

Falling with ‘Residents‘ include those holding Belizean citizenship, permanent residency, valid Work Permits, and within the Belizean Diaspora. Similarly, ‘Foreign Home Owners‘ include those with second home ownership in Belize, enrollment in Belize’s Qualified Retired Persons (QRPs), and non-nationals with a longer itineraries (up to 12 months). Meanwhile, ‘Persons with Business Concerns‘ are considered those holding non-work permits, with an ongoing/pending investment in Belize.

How to apply?

While Belizeans and Residents can apply through the existing controlled repatriation process, more information is expected from the Government of Belize for applicants with business concerns and second home owners/QRPs/long stay non-nationals. We encourage you to check back here for more information.

Those applying will need to undergo mandatory PCR Testing at the airport, and quarantine while awaiting results

All inbound long-term non-nationals will be screened when they arrive in Belize; in addition to undergoing non-invasive temperature checks and an observation for symptoms. Additionally, a mandatory COVID-19 PCR test will be issued, at the traveler’s expense of US$50.00 per traveler. Thereafter, a one (1) day mandatory quarantine at an approved hotel will be required, at the traveler’s expense; the cost will be dependent on the approved hotel. The one (1) day mandatory quarantine time is to await the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test results; the average turnaround time is 7-8 hours once sample is received. Once negative, traveler may self-quarantine at home with a monitoring bracelet and/or Geo Fence; clearance from the Ministry of Health is required to move freely.

Visitors who test positive will need to remain in the mandatory quarantine at the approved hotel in Belize City, at their own expense, until cleared as negative. However, the mandatory 14-day quarantine following a positive test applies for everyone – whether a tourist, Belizean or non-national home owner. For more information, visit belizetourismboard.org.

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