All The Ways To Stay Active On Your Belize Vacation (Outside Of The Gym)

by Gisselle Hernandez

Recently, the importance of one’s well-being has taken precedence on vacations, leading travelers to craft a proper physically and mentally healthy trip. Creating wellness trips is not unheard of, but many travel trend reports state the aspect will be even bigger in 2022. Travelers in 2022 are eager to become their best selves, whether that’s going big on the pampering, or looking to stay active while on vacation. For the latter, many may think they would need to trudge away at a treadmill in the hotel gym to reach their fitness goals for the day. But that’s not necessarily true. There are plenty of ways to stay active when vacationing that don’t involve being cooped up in your hotel. Luckily, Belize offers plenty of ways to remain physically fit all while seeing the beauty the country offers. 

Climbing Maya Temples.

Xunantunich – Maya Site © Duarte Dellarole

Let’s face it, you will more than likely be making a beeline towards the nearest Maya site as soon as you set foot in Belize. Why not make a fitness challenge out of it? Several of Belize’s ancient Maya temples contain steep stone stairs that take you more than a hundred feet above. Fan-favorite Xunantunich is perhaps one of the most highly-trafficked temples in the West. Many visitors choose to summit the El Castillo temple so they can see the stunning panoramic views of the jungle and town below. If you really want a challenge head to Caracol Maya site, where the abandoned city’s main temple stretches to an outstanding 141 feet high.

Biking around islands.


Caye Caulker, Belize. Image via @veveordie

One of the more fun ways to explore a new destination is via bicycle. In some places in Belize, it’s even more convenient to bike from one area to the next than drive. Take Caye Caulker, for instance, Belize’s second-most populated island. The five-mile-long island could be considered a virtually car-free destination. Its tiny surface area leads residents to use bicycles or buggies as their main source of transport. Many hotels even offer complimentary bicycles during your stay. When the itch for exploration shows up, hop one of these two-wheelers and race away to see what treasures the island holds.

Running on the Belize City promenade.


The Radisson in Belize City sits along the seashore promenade.

Staying in the central hub? You can still make the most of an active vacation when choosing Belize City as your main base. To remain active while admiring stellar views of the Caribbean Sea, opt for the Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina as your choice of hotel. Not only can you choose to work out at the resort’s on-site fitness center, but the promenade a few steps away makes for a great running route. Jog alongside the calm waves of the Caribbean Sea at dawn, greeting the seagulls chirping Good Morning. On your way back, stop by at the Radisson’s Le Petit Cafe to indulge in some well-earned coffee and croissants.

Beachside Jogging.


A sunset skyline at Grand Caribe Resort, Belize.

For a little more resistance in your steps, try beachside jogging at any beachfront hotel. When staying at party island Ambergris Caye, we recommend Grand Caribe Resort as a great location for this activity. The resort’s seafront location with its private beach offers devastatingly gorgeous sceneries for a morning jog. The adrenaline pumping through your veins won’t be the only contributor to your runner’s high. Swaying palm trees and crashing waves against an orange-hued backdrop are enough to make anyone get out of bed at dawn. Here, you’ll easily become a runner after just a few short minutes of trotting through the stark-white sand in front of Grand Caribe Resort

Image via Naia Resort & Spa

These Belize activities aren’t exhaustive of all the ways you can remain active while exploring the country but’s a great start. If you’re pressed for time, you could always choose to work out at a resort that boasts a state-of-the-art wellness center. Either way, your active Belize vacation – and you – will be a better-fit traveler for it. 

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