Itz’ana Resort & Residences: The Place In Placencia To Visit In 2022

by Larry Waight

There’s no lack of beauty spread across the Central American nation of Belize, but that doesn’t mean that every resort in Belize leverages its natural surroundings and resources to provide guests with a true glimpse of paradise. But in a setting where resorts are a dime a dozen, Itz’ana manages to distinguish itself boldly from the others. Finding resorts in Belize that promise you a one-of-a-kind experience is easy. Resorts that can manage to deliver on the scale that Itz’ana does are far rarer. Here’s what makes this resort on the Placencia Peninsula the perfect destination for your next trip.

The View

There’s enough beach for everyone in Placencia, but that doesn’t mean that some stretches aren’t better than others. Both the two and three-bedroom villas allow you to walk right out onto the beach, and that’s true of a number of the more familiar beachfront suite and one-person lofts as well. The unique geography of this peninsula allows Itz’ana to offer a view of the Caribbean coast on one side and a lagoon on the other.

Chances are that you’ll never want to leave once you’ve experienced your daily routine in one of the Itz’ana’s rooms. Staying on the property of this exclusive resort can feel like you’re living in absolute and blissful seclusion, but the tourism and fishing hub of Placencia Village is only three miles away.

It’s easy to imagine what life could be like in Itz’ana permanently, but the truth is that it’s actually possible. The expansive property on which Itz’ana is located is ripe with waterfront houses that are perfect for retirement, a vacation home, or property investment.

The Vibe

The views from all the properties at Itz’ana are stunning, but the sense of personality that the resort itself gives off is just as important. The fact that Itz’ana is built like a community rather than a hotel is intentional, but it doesn’t mean that you’re simply being left to your own devices.

The staff at Itz’ana is ready to curate the Belize vacation you’ve always dreamed of — and that includes a spa on-site as well as full butler service. Whether you need someone to watch the kid while you go out for a romantic dinner or you’d rather have that dinner served right in your villa, you can rely on Itz’ana’s private chef to provide you with the service you deserve.

There’s plenty to explore on the property as well. Coziness is paramount, and that’s reflected in the spacious rooms and open hallways of the Great House. Enjoy some literature and libations at the restful and stylish Biblio Bar or have a taste of local seafood elevated by the internationally savvy but locally inspired chefs at Limilia restaurant. If you’re feeling more sociable, the staff at Itz’ana is always planning events where guests can mix and mingle.

Of course, socializing is never mandatory here. But you should at least take the time to slip away and try one of the two pools on the property. 

The Adventures 

Nor is it mandatory to ever leave the property, and we wouldn’t blame you if you never managed the energy. But there’s plenty to explore in and around Placencia, and the staff is eager to help you enjoy as much as possible. The thin strip of land on which the resort is located makes Itz’ana ideally positioned for exploring both Belize’s interior and the countless landmarks and preserves out on the Caribbean Sea. Belize claims ownership over more than 400 islands in the Caribbean Sea, and the docks at Placencia Village make it exceedingly easy to explore these cayes big and small. Whether you’re looking to go fishing, snorkeling, or diving, you can rest easy knowing that Itz’ana will connect you with the best guides in the area.

The excursions at your fingertips are vast, and they’re broken up into a number of different categories so you can sort through your options without stress. That means you can fill your itinerary with low-energy nearby activities like birdwatching, snorkeling, and yoga class. Or you can venture deep into the wilds on an adventure tailored to your level of energy. That could mean rappelling and ziplining through the jungles of the Cayo District or wandering out in the middle of the night to see what the nearby wilderness is like after dark.

If you’re still on the fence about visiting Itz’ana Resort — or you’re curious about purchasing one of the properties — just know that the luxury experience doesn’t have to bear a luxury price tag. They offer a generous variety of Belize vacation packages and specials throughout the year, so you can pick an experience that’s uniquely tailored to your needs and rest easy knowing that everything you could want is included. Check out your options today, and give yourself the paradise VIP treatment that you deserve this year. 

 All images courtesy of Itz’ana Resort.

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