Lounge, Fly, And Dine with Local Airline Maya Island Air

by Dion Vansen

Maya Island Air is a premier local airline in Belize with daily flights to all major destinations in the country on their fleet that comfortably carries three to 12 passengers. It’s a short puddle jumper flight, but you can allow yourself to be pampered time again when flying the friendly Belizean skies. In fact, traveling from San Pedro Town in Ambergris Caye to the mainland is easy, convenient, and a touch elegant when flying with Maya Island Air from their fairly new terminal. Your experience in its spacious and comfortable two-story terminal facility will be combined with an easy check-in process with an option to wait in the VIP second-floor lounge, have a snack, and even drink in fine comfort until your flight is ready to depart. 

terminal 2 maya island air

The Maya Island Air terminal on Lion Street is the newest airport facility on the island inaugurated in 2018. Upon entering inside you will notice its elegant ambiance and the warm welcome by the staff. It is fully air-conditioned and decked with beautiful chandeliers. You will be guided to the counter for check-in. After verifying your details, which only takes a moment, you are provided with your boarding pass and informed about the time of departure. Usually, you will get there with enough time in advance and the staff will kindly invite you to wait on the first floor of the waiting area or if you want a different setting, visit the VIP upstairs. 

A VIP Lounge Experience

Didn’t have time to grab something to eat before your flight from San Pedro? No problem: The upper deck of Maya Island Air’s terminal offers a classic restaurant ambiance and panoramic views of the tarmac, including a part of downtown San Pedro. The restaurant offers baked goods, meat pies, and other light snacks including sandwiches. The lounge also counts with a fully stocked liquor and coffee bar, complete with a flat-screen TV to watch your favorite shows. Uniquely, this terminal section operates from 7:30 am every day. 

When it’s time to board your flight, an attendant of the airline will come to fetch you and escort you to the gate. With one more gentle smile, the staff will lead you to the tarmac and inside the airplane waiting to take you on that quick getaway off the island of Ambergris Caye.  

Maya island air private charter

Photo courtesy Maya Island Air

All in all, there is no other local airport terminal in Belize with these unique amenities and services, but Maya Island Air in San Pedro. Experience the elegance and find out why flying with Maya Island Air is becoming everyone’s choice. 

All images courtesy Dion Vansen.

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