These Belize Hotels Are Offering The Best Deals For Shoulder Season 

by Gisselle Hernandez

You don’t have to be traveling on a budget to appreciate a great discount when you come across one. In Belize, it’s true that any time is a great time to visit, with there being warm weather all year round. However, there’s that sweet spot somewhere between the high season and low season where you can cash in the best deals without sacrificing sought-after tours: shoulder season. Most Belize hotels lower their prices and offer extra deals during shoulder season since not many travelers are arriving in the country. Take advantage of these discounts and you’ll earn the title of savvy budget traveler in no time. 

gaia belize waterfalls

The 5 Sisters Waterfalls at GAIA Riverlodge. Image courtesy Roeming Belize

Like migratory birds, most North American travelers are looking to escape the cold and venture somewhere tropical in the winter. The math adds up as to why November to February is Belize’s high season, but what about before then? The low season in Belize is argued to be during most of the rainy season (the summer.) That leaves August through September earning that Goldilocks-perfect window to book stays and tours.

Gaïa River Lodge

Gaïa Riverlodge in Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge forest reserve is one of the many accommodations offering deals during shoulder season. The current deal, running from August 1st to October 31st, allows you to take $15% off when booking. You get to enjoy the total immersion of nature and its on-site waterfall without the crowds. 

Matachica Resort

matachica resort room

Beachfront properties meet inspired design at Matachica for a truly restorative getaway.

This deal also applies to Gaïa’s sister property, Matachica Resort, on the delightful island of Ambergris Caye. Fifteen percent off for an adults-only resort on an island known for swooning celebrities’ hearts is a heck of a deal if you ask me. Again, this deal runs from August 1st to October 31st, 2021, so you have plenty of time to book ahead. 

Blue Marlin Beach Resort

blue marlin beach lodge

Image courtesy Blue Marlin Beach Lodge

Imagine a postcard of paradise, and we’re sure the image your mind conjures up is that of South Water Caye. Sprinkled with palm trees, this silk-sandy island is home to Blue Marlin Beach Resort. Off the coast of Placencia, South Water Caye is a popular spot for snorkeling and diving. You can get to experience that plus a 15% discount if you stay at Blue Marlin Resort. Their deal runs from June 1st to November 13th, 2021. 


Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge

As part of The Belize Collection, Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge is offering shoulder rate deals from June 1st to December 21st, 2021. With more than $100 off luxurious rooms, there’s no excuse to not book that Mountain View Suite you’ve been eyeing on their social pages. Located in the Cayo district off the Hummingbird Highway, Sleeping Giant Lodge is known for its killer nearby views. Wake up to the sight of the looming Maya Mountains and inhale the crisp air the rainforest delivers straight to your balcony. 


The Lodge at Jaguar Reef


The new Seaview Villas at the Lodge at Jaguar Reef.

This Hopkins sanctuary is also part of The Belize Collection, which means the same $100 discount applies as well. Booking a suite for its in-room private plunge pool seems even more tempting now, doesn’t it? Especially if you’ve been planning a couple’s getaway. You have from now until December 21st, 2021,  to make the most of the property’s over-the-water bar, rustic-chic decor, and on-the-beach dining.


Ray Caye Island Resort 

Ray Caye tropical isolation belize

Ever wanted to stay on a private island? You can! Ray Caye Island Resort, previously known as Hatchet Caye, has TWO deals running during shoulder season. If you can’t make it for the discount that runs through August 31st, 2021, you can cash in on the September 1st to November 14th, 2021, deal where guests can get up to $100 off their booking. Need some convincing? Ray Caye was named one of the best places for honeymooners by Conde Nast Traveler, a fact that is evident in every room, with plunge pools and cloud-like beds making it hard for you to leave the suite. 


Naïa Resort & Spa


Naïa Resort in Placencia has perhaps one of the biggest deals at the moment for shoulder season in Belize. The resort offers guests who book from now until December 19th, 2021, a whopping 25% off. This undoubtedly leaves a good chunk of change to use on nearby tours like snorkeling at Silk Cayes or for a fly-fishing tour. Advocating for mind and wellness, this resort must be on your list when looking for that rejuvenating stay when in Belize


La Perla del Caribe

Another great stay located in Ambergris Caye, La Perla Del Caribe is offering two different discounts before high season rates hit. Get up to more than $200 off when booking from now until December 17th, 2021. What will you get in return? A luxury vacation rental in the Caribbean you’ve been dreaming of for years. La Perla’s homes sit on private beachfront property, an idea that sounds even more tantalizing knowing you’d be saving a good amount of cash just by booking on shoulder season. 

Header image courtesy Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge/Monica Gallardo Photography

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