This Mountain Hideaway Makes It Easy for Travelers to Fall in Love with Nature

by Gisselle Hernandez

Prominent auteur Francis Ford Coppola made The Godfather Trilogy, Apocalypse Now and Dracula award-winning films across the globe, but his scattered hideaways outside the United States are just as outstanding. What once was Coppola’s family retreat destination in the ‘80s, is now a luxury resort hotel in the heart of Central America. Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize is the perfect blend of rustic design, valued solitude, and a loving embrace of nature. Venture in this 70-acre mountain hideaway and discover why this spot was the highest scoring Belize hotel in Travel + Leisure’s ‘World Best Awards’ 2021. 

After two years of being cooped up indoors, it’s time to explore what gifts Mother Nature bestows willingly. Dubbed “a charming jungle idyll in Belize,” by Haute Living San Francisco, this dreamy eco-resort envelops you in flourishing foliage and luxuriant dwellings that make you dread ever leaving. Nestled in the northwest corner of the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, you have acres upon acres to trek through and spot vibrant medicinal plants along with curious critters on the way. Maybe you’ll even catch a peek of some migrating birds while you’re at it! There is no way to be bored at a place like this. Belize’s beloved reserve encompasses rolling hills, exhilarating trails and breathtaking waterfalls, coming together for the ideal countryside getaway. 

A dramatic hideaway in a rainforest wonderland

Blancaneaux couldn’t be anywhere else more perfect than where it is now. Settled on the banks of the Privassion Creek, this tranquil haven makes it easy to fall asleep to the trickle of running creek waters and an active wildlife just outside your cottage door. When your day is filled with exploring nature’s bountiful beauties, unwind after an adventure filled day with the best dose of privacy and comfort. Heated slate floors, an en suite sauna and cozy fireplaces are there to loosen your muscles and reward you after an active day. 

Blancaneaux knows how to do eco-luxury just right. Seek a day to pamper yourself and visit the lodge’s Waterfall Spa. Powered by hydroelectricity, its hot pool is the perfect remedy for sore muscles. Want a little more indulgence? Experience the revitalizing Thai massages practiced by professionals who were trained at the Sacred Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok. It’s no exaggeration when we say that receiving a mind-blowing massage while overlooking the flowing waterfall is a truly unmatched experience.

Blancaneaux Lodge cultivates all the right ingredients for the best tropical hideaway. The Coppolas appreciate nature just as much as we do, and have dedicated time and effort to ensure their hideaways reflect that. An organic garden that provides the produce used at the restaurants is open for guests to peruse. The room’s thatch, bamboo and hardwood design are all locally sourced, coming together to create an appealing sight. Blancaneaux Lodge even started beekeeping most recently! Helping our environment and animals thrive helps us as well, and Blancaneaux is always open to discussing eco-friendly habits with their guests. 

Imagine yourself to be an artist and let your surroundings be your muse. After a visit to Blancaneaux, you’ll see why Francis kept it all to himself for a decade before opening it up to the public. While you’ll want this tucked away secret to stay as your own personal respite, we can’t help but want to share it with others. You’ll leave being more in touch with nature than ever. 

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