Oceana opens nominations for 2020 Ocean Hero Award

by Carolee Chanona
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Since 2009, Oceana Belize honours and expresses gratitude by sharing the stories of men and women who are committed to safeguarding Belize through their ‘Ocean Hero Award‘. Now, Oceana has reopened nominations for their 2020 Oceana Ocean Hero Award! This award recognizes and celebrates individuals who go above and beyond to ensure the protection of our oceans.⁣

“It is really important, especially [in] the kind of uncertain times we are living in right now, to recognize the work that people are doing and that there are people among us who are examples for young people to follow.  So, for us, it is very important to recognize this individual commitment; people aren’t getting paid to do this. These people are doing this because of their love and commitment to country. That is awesome and something that should be recognized.”

Alyssa Carnegie, Director of Communications for OCEANA Belize 

2020 Ocean Hero Nominations: Now Open!

The award is open to all ocean-loving individuals, with passions that might include:⁣

  • Teaching & Education
  • On-the-ground Conservation, Restoration, and Rehabilitation work
  • Project Work
  • Private or Individual Research

While Ocean Hero nominations are open to all ages, all persons nominating someone must be 13 years of age or older. Want to nominate someone? Submit to bit.ly/OceanHero2020. ⁣For more information, contact: [email protected]. Deadline for all nominations is July 31, 2020.

2019’s Ocean Hero Award Recipients

ocean hero awards 2019

Oceana’s 2019 Ocean Hero Award Recipients

In October 2019, Oceana’s Ocean Hero recipients were Guadalupe Lampella and Dale Fairweather! Guadalupe was recognized for her active advocacy in her fishing village of Riversdale; specifically, for sustainable fishing and encouraging women in fisheries. Today, Guadalupe continues to advocate against fishing out of season, illegal fishing, and catching undersized products. Meanwhile, Dale grew up in the quaint coastal village of Placencia, an upbringing that inevitably tied him to sea for life. However in 2012, Dale played a critical role in the Turneffe Atoll receiving its protection status in the Marine Protected Area System. Fairweather also offers his personal time to educating students on the need for responsible management of our natural resources, specifically as it relates to the fisheries sector in Belize.

Simultaneously at the Ocean Hero Award ceremony, Oceana Belize also recognized Ms. Andrea Polanco as Environmental Journalist of the Year!

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