The Green Iguana Conservation Project at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

by Vivian Roe
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Love animals? Then this one’s for you. Get the chance to spend the day with these amazing local lizards at the Green Iguana Conservation Project. Started in 1996, The Green Iguana Conservation Project is a continuous effort that aims to conserve and look after the endangered Green Iguana species in Belize.

Located within the lush Macal Valley grounds of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, this excellent program collects and hatches iguana eggs, raising the reptiles until they are past their most vulnerable age. The iguanas are then released into the wild.

TripAdvisor ranks the Green Iguana Conservation Project as one of the top activities in the San Ignacio area.

On a guided tour, the Green Iguana Conservation Project visitors get a closer look at this amazing reptiles and learn how vital they are to the ecological balance of the river habitat. Visitors can hold and mingle with the adorable iguanas whilst learning about the incubation, hatching, rearing, and releasing process. Not to mention, they’re literally in your lap!

For those that want to support this incredible initiative further, the Project offers the Adopt-an-Iguana Program and the Iguana Kids Club. Both raise funds to sustain and fund scholarships and sustain the Project. Much of the program’s success relies on the Green Iguana Adoption Program; this program allows guests adopt an Iguana prior their release and contribute to the survival of these wonderful species.

Details of the Tour

The Green Iguana Conservation Project follows a continuous, cyclical course of rearing the Iguanas from the egg to juvenile stage. It later sets them free by releasing them into their natural habitat. During the past 24 years, the Green Iguana Conservation Project has become one of the most endearing adventures in San Ignacio. The Project, located on-site, has been ranked as the Number 1 Activity in San Ignacio.

Location: San Ignacio Resort Hotel in Cayo
Opening times: 8am-4pm, every hour on the hour
Price: $11.25USD

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