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A Pleasant Point

Among the most popular destinations to visit in Belize is Placencia. It is arguably home of the best coastal beach in the country and known for it’s laid back village vibe. The village is so quaint and unique, it has been featured in many travel publications. Most recently, it boasts a colorful article in Conde Nast’s 2019 Gold List issue. Writer, Horatio Clare calls the famous peninsula a low key attraction to “beachcombing” wanderers. Indeed, the 16 miles of brown sugar beach makes you feel like you walked on the set of a Sofia Coppola film. However, the best thing about Placencia is the people. Like the rest of the country, the locals are of different ethnic backgrounds. An interesting mix of born and raised Belizeans and tourists turned residents makes the characters you’ll meet all the more memorable.

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Bottom line — you are sure to have a pleasant time in Placencia!

Stay for The View

There are many top-notch accommodations to choose from on the Peninsula. Many are outside the village in Maya Beach. Driving into Placencia you are greeted by a scene of well-kept landscapes and fashionable signage. It all indicates a luxurious time to have. Furthermore, a favorite of the bunch is Chabil Mar Villas. This Guest Exclusive Resort offers nineteen luxury villas and a fabulously romantic honeymoon suite. With two beach-side, sea-facing infinity pools and other amenities, it is the perfect hideaway. It’s close enough to town that you don’t feel out of the loop yet far enough that you feel like the Peninsula is yours.

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Additionally, the recently expanded pier allows for more sun lounging during the day and star gazing at night. They also offer all-inclusive packages that range from a luxury yachting experience to the hybrid jungle and sea vacations. It is a winner of Fodor’s “Choice for Luxury” in Southern Belize, every year since 2014. Recognized as one of the top 25 “Best Luxury Hotels in Central America for Luxury and Service.” It also has been a winner of the Travelers’ Choice Award on Trip Advisor for eleven consecutive years. If you’re visiting Belize, head south and stay at this lovely resort. You won’t regret it.

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