Popular Street Foods To Try in San Pedro, Belize

by Dion Vansen

When traveling to any destination, eating is always part of the adventure. San Pedro Town, the central hub of Ambergris Caye, is well known for its diverse international cuisine, but one of our favorites is the Belizean street food. Ready-to-grab, budget-friendly choices are spread across town and popular with both locals and tourists alike. Are you ready to find out where are some of the best places on the island with amazing street food? Whether it is to try traditional dishes or stretch your budget, let the food adventure begins. Also, it should be noted that the street in San Pedro, Belize is available from the moment the sun is up, considering the island begins its daily busy routine quite early. 

Tacos for breakfast 

As early as 5:30 am, a favorite breakfast choice in San Pedro, Belize is tacos. Among the many spots in town, a popular one is the tacos stand at the corner of Blake and Coconut Drive in the south of town. This corner around the southern gas station is a must-try stop for many heading to work or traveling early to the mainland. The tacos, primarily wrapped in fresh corn tortillas, are filled with well-seasoned chicken or pork. Order like a Belizean to say, ‘slight pepper‘ or ‘gimme everything‘, which refers to a combination of shredded cabbage, tangy habanero pepper sauce, and spicy pickled chopped onions. Usually, the servings are three tacos for $1, but any variation will cost you more, like a pork pibil filling or switching the corn tortilla for one made of flour.  Coffee and natural juices are also available.

BBQ rice and beans 

This is an easy and filling go-to option for lunch, especially on the weekends. It’s hard not to be tempted by the smell of the grill that’s loaded with chicken, pork, or spicy Italian sausages on the street side. The most common point to buy this Belizean street food choice is downtown near Central Park, where you can enjoy a hearty lunch as takeout with delicious homemade Belizean rice and beans along with your choice of meat. The prices range from US$5 up to US$7.50 for a combination of chicken and sausage, or pork and sausage. 


Located almost at the end of Pescador Drive or middle street in the heart of San Pedro, Pupuseria Salvadoreña is the place for a delicious homemade pupusa for dinner. These small round corn cakes stuffed with either pork, beans, cheese, or a combination of all attract hungry local and foreign travelers daily. The griddle is always covered with fresh pupusas being cooked, from as early as 5 pm. The budget-friendly deliciousness comes at a price of US$1.50 each, and you can also get the other options with chicken, shrimp, pumpkin, spinach for the vegetarians, and even lobster once it’s seasonally open. 

Central Park Specials for late-night eating 

Central Park is always a busy place during the day, but at night, one is still guaranteed to find the area just as heavily trafficked with options to eat on this side of town. In the evenings, find vendors selling burritos with fillings of chicken, beef, and even pork. Burgers are also a favorite on the menu along with tacos, and hot dogs.

Plus, there are even plates of rice and beans for those looking for something heavier. The prices start at US$3 for a burrito or burger and around US$6 for a full meal. 


Heading farther south on Seagrape Drive and right across from the well-known Marina Store, there is a food stall offering a variety of good streetside snacks. One of the most popular items on their menu is salbutes. These fried, puffed-up corn dough discs are topped with shredded chicken and cabbage slaw; undoubtedly, this is another street food snack that will not disappoint. Servings of three salbutes go for US$2.50 or six salbutes for US$5. 

The no-frills favorite in San Pedro: Briana’s Food Place. Image via Hey Ciara

The options of food choices on the island are endless and if your go-to is exploring the hidden delicacies of street cuisine, San Pedro has plenty of that. These different places offer a variety, of fresh and amazingly quick, delicious street food snacks that won’t break your wallet.

All images courtesy Dion Vansen.

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