How Can I Protect My Trip to Belize?

by Carolee Chanona
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With so much uncertainty, spending on a holiday that could end up being cancelled is indeed a risk. To reduce your chance of losing money, here’s how you can protect your trip to Belize.

Get travel insurance

Regardless, add insurance to your travel checklist anyway, but during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever. Travel insurers are quite risk-averse, and since Coronavirus became a known entity in mid-March many of them stopped covering this type of cancellation. Before committing to a policy, always read the small print. Although they’re unlikely to cover coronavirus cancellations, some will cover you if you can’t travel because you or a family member contracts the virus. For more information, check out this guide to buying travel insurance during coronavirus.

“If you bought a travel insurance policy before coronavirus became a known event, then, generally speaking, you’ll be covered. The relevant date varies according to each insurer, but 12th March is a good rule of thumb. That’s the date the WHO declared coronavirus as a pandemic, and it became a ‘known event’. If you are looking for new cover, study the fine print, and again, consider speaking to a representative on the phone or by email to be sure of what you’re covered for.”

Martin Nolan, Senior Director, Legal & Public and Regulatory Affairs at Skyscanner

Look for flexible cancellation policies

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Since your travel insurance is unlikely to help you if your trip gets cancelled, it’s best to make sure you’re protected by the companies themselves. Many companies have made their cancellation policies far more flexible, but it’s best not to assume. Whether you’re booking flights or hotels,  always spend some time looking through the small print of their cancellation policies. Some will allow you to cancel for free, up until noon on the same day. It’s worth spending a little bit extra for the most flexible option to protect your trip to Belize.

Use your credit card to book

Even if you have plenty of money in your debit account, using your credit card gives you extra legal protection. This is because purchases between a certain amount is covered by the Consumer Credit Act. Basically, it means your credit card company shares responsibility with the seller in case something goes wrong. If the airline suspends flights, your credit card company will be responsible for reimbursing you.

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