Carmelita Gardens: Belize’s Greenest and Most Sustainable Community

by Larry Waight
carmelita gardens

Carmelita Gardens is great for resilient, environmentally conscious, and joyous people. 

People throughout the world are learning the value of independence and solidarity as a result of the pandemic. The value of natural resources like oxygen, water, and sunlight has also been brought to the forefront of global consciousness. With these features integrated into the design of Carmelita Gardens from the beginning, the community is ten years ahead of the rest of the world. 

The people who live in this beautiful hamlet in Belize frequently cultivate their food and can meet all of their requirements for power and water on their own. They take pleasure in a strong feeling of community with others who share their values and are grateful to be in a nation with unspoiled rain forests, a plethora of different animals, and people who are kind to one another. 

Top Reasons to become a Resident

The following is a list of the seven reasons why Carmelita Gardens is the greatest option for people who are interested in living independently while still being a part of a larger community: 

  1. Food Security: Residents can cultivate their organic gardens on the fertile terrain. In addition, San Ignacio is home to the largest farmer’s market.  At the market you can find an abundance of locally grown produce, seafood, and artisanal drinks.
  2. Energy Independence: Through solar panels and rainwater collection systems, the locals can live independently of the power grid while enjoying the benefits of a modern lifestyle, such as access to the Internet.
  3. Fertile Land Investment: Investing in Fertile Land Diversifying your portfolio is a great idea, and one way to do so is by purchasing a parcel of fertile land in Belize. Because of the currently available Growth Incentives, the first deposit on your piece of paradise might be as little as $7,000.
  4. English Speaking: Because English is Belize’s official language, it is very simple for people from other parts of the world to go around and interact with one another.
  5. Reliable Water Sources: A rain-catchment system provides most of the community’s water supply needs. On-site groundwater is also available, and the Belize River offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including fishing and canoeing, in addition to its utility as an irrigation source.
  6. Low Population Density: Belize as a whole and the Cayo region, in particular, have low population densities, which contribute to the country’s overall reputation for being a secure and healthy place to live.
  7. Belize is a short two-hour trip from the United States.  With more flights being added all the time, it is a convenient vacation spot for Westerners. 

These are only a few reasons why Carmelita Gardens is a fantastic location. Residents can also take advantage of day trips to the several Cayes in Belize for a day at the beach and journeys to the nearby mainland to view Maya ruins, waterfalls and the rain forest. The best part is that the climate is always just right. 

Carmelita Gardens’ Homes 

Designing and constructing one’s own house is fascinating and satisfying. It’s great and even better when you do it with a competent and supportive group in a friendly neighborhood. 

Carmelita Gardens is home to a wide range of people who enjoy living in a wide range of houses that were each constructed with the residents’ preferences and financial means in mind. These dwellings are simple yet lovely and cozy, based on classic designs. They are well-planned and built to last. All have solar and rainwater collection systems, wired and wireless Internet, and relaxing interior and outdoor areas. 

Carmelita Gardens houses are great for comfortable self-sufficiency now and a warm legacy for the future. 

The Cayo District‘s Nearby Appeal 

A local fruit stall in Hopkins Village. Image by Duarte Dellarole

By car, you can reach the active San Ignacio community from the Carmelita Gardens neighborhood in only twenty minutes. San Ignacio is fondly referred to as the “heart and soul” of the Cayo district. Residents can benefit from the town’s thriving tourism industry, which provides various affordable lodging options, eateries, and regular transport. Nevertheless, make the most of life in the country without giving up your access to urban conveniences. Supermarkets, restaurants, hardware stores, or bars. are close by.  Lots range in size from 1/8 to 1/2 acre, with a starting price for a lot is $35,000 – $75,000. Financing options to purchase lots are also made available by the developers.  

Feature Image Courtesy  Carmelita Gardens

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