Rent The Tropical Vacation Home of Your Dreams on this Offshore Belize Island

by Larry Waight

With entirely all-inclusive amenities on an island made up almost exclusively of vacation homes, Casa Al Mar feels a lot closer to what the Caribbean was like before Belize dived into tourism. Ready to deliver, this coastal vacation home rental is putting forward that traditional charm plus all the modernities of Belize being well acquainted with hospitality.

Getting to know St. George’s Caye

Though it was the original capital of Belize, it’s a bit of a stretch to even call St. George’s Caye a town at this point. There are probably 20 permanent residents of this island, but that only lends an extra air of exclusivity and privacy to those who decide to stay. Although self-contained, the island sits a mere nine miles from Belize City, making it a straight shot to and from Belize’s international airport.

St. George’s Caye was originally an important hub for the lumber industry, but it has since developed into a quiet retreat for discerning visitors. Much smaller and more intimate than the popular Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, but both are just a short boat ride away if you’re craving entertainment. Although you’re bound to bond with those on the island who are “in the same boat” as you: they’re either a resident or a guest renting a vacation home. 

As one of the region’s first major settlements formed by European colonists and the sight of one of Belize history’s most important battles, there are actually quite a few things to see as well. The island was even declared a national historic landmark in 2009.

Mangrove forests, just outside St. George’s Caye. Image by Duarte Dellarole

Especially worth visiting is the mangrove forest in the southwest corner of the island, which includes twelve and a half acres of mangrove forest—the first forest of its type designated for protection by Belize’s Ministry of National Resources. Of course, scenic views are the norm on this tropical island, and adventures are readily accessible whether they take the form of fishing, snorkeling, diving, or water sports. The Caribbean is your playground at St. George’s Caye. 

A Cozy Home Base 

Whether you’re looking to give your extended family the reunion they deserve or reconnect with your closest friends from college, the six spacious bedrooms of Casa al Mar are perfectly suited to your experience; the house can host a minimum of eight people and a maximum of 16.  There is a 5-night minimum for booking this vacation rental. There are no cars or even stores, so it’s a level of intimacy and togetherness that’s hard to find anywhere in the world. In fact, it’s so remote that the home electrical systems run off of generators. Despite that, Wi-Fi is readily accessible if you need to slip some remote work in during your stay in the Caribbean.

Also rare is the distinct sense of character that Casa al Mar delivers. There may be a lot of rooms on the property, but none of them feel the same. Both the ground floor and the top level each function as their own private king bedrooms — and the top floor’s crow’s nest room even includes a private bathroom and a desk area for work. The middle floor makes the perfect space for parents and younger members of the family since it’s broken down into both a king bedroom and a pair of child’s bedrooms with both bunk and double beds. There’s a lot of space here, but the ideal way to utilize it really depends on who you travel with.

Since you can step right out onto the beach and enjoy this remote island with little to no interference from others, it’s the perfect place to come if you just want to socially distance yourself, thanks to nature, and spend the entire time relaxing without a worry of any crowds. Plus if you want to be more adventurous during your time in Belize, you can have that too. 

A Full-Service Experience 

Just because you can have all the privacy you want doesn’t mean that you’re going to be left to starve. A stay at Casa Al Mar comes with a full-service experience that really makes you feel like royalty. A private island cook and a private ship captain are on call for your entire stay, and that magnifies your options considerably. While resort guests will often have a restaurant to dine at, you can count on your personal chef to customize an unforgettable experience. Count it off with me: three square meals a day, snacks in between, and a full range of non-alcoholic beverages. So whether you’re hungry to try a local delicacy or a comforting favorite like a burger and fries, your cook is happy to adjust your menu. 

But the access to both a private boat and a private dock is a game-changer. Head to Ambergris Caye for an afternoon of partying and shopping, venture out onto the world’s second-largest barrier reef for scuba diving and snorkeling, or head to the mainland to see what the Belizean jungle has to offer.

Your stay at Casa Al Mar comes with a range of adventure opportunities and all the tools you need for them. A pair of sandbars sits near the coast of the island and allows some of the calmest and most serene swimming and snorkeling in the area. Your chef can even pack you a lunch for your visit.


Welcome to the Caribbean side of Belize. Aerial via Casa Al Mar/Duarte Dellarole

 Book your stay today, and discover how convenient and affordable a tropical vacation home can be in Belize. 

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